Monday, November 22, 2010

什么都没有, 也没有放弃的念头

It has been a ride.

In some parts of life, among all those business, hard work, efforts, tears, appreciation, friendship... passing through the ebbs and flows, staring up ahead, you see more waves waiting for you to surpass them.

You look down. Although the waves are strong and keep pushing you back, but the water is cool, sometimes cold, sometimes warm. When it is clear, you can see fishes. The waters are welcoming, although is it difficult to fight against the waves, but something deep down you makes you feel... peaceful.

Looking besides, you see more people, side by side with you, pushing through the waves together. If there is something they don't have, it is the thought of giving up. They motivate you. Inspire you. Making you realize that you can't give up and you must do your best to strive forwards.

You look back. You stare at the shore far behind you. Although there is a long way to go up ahead, by staring at the distance between you and the shore, you can't believe how far you have been, how much you have grown, how strong you have become. From a child, not wanting to cross the ocean, until now, YOU, swimming across the ocean with style.

When the waters are unclear, when the waves ahead of you looks gigantic and seem impossible to surpass, when you can no longer see any island or shore, when you don't see anyone else besides you, when you are about to give up...

Look up to the sky.

There is still hope.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010






The next 3 words...

Are just not enough to describe...

This feeling.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The other side of the field

This side of the field is comfortable. The grass is green, the area is wide and there's nothing much to worry about. All you can do is lie down on the grass and stare at the blue sky, sharing the same bright sun.

You thought that the field is all green, cozy and warm.

Little did you know, that the other side of the field, across the river dividing the field...

Is burning.

Here, enjoying the green grass and not being able to go back, swim across the river and help the other side of the field...

Actually... hurts.

I pray for my family and friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010


When you look out at the window for the first time in your life, you will feel curious, excited and scared at the same time.

We feel curious because there is a world of so much amazing things out there waiting for us to feel, to experience and to be with.

We feel excited because there is a world of opportunities beyond that window for us to grasp and strive forwards.

We feel scared because there is a world of uncertainties beyond that window for us to tackle and fall backwards.

People who walked out of that door into the world seen through the window were never seen coming back into the house ever again. Once they stepped out of the house, their world no longer lies within the barriers of windows and doors, but beyond.

Some people walk their new world with pride and joy. Some kneel down, hands covering their faces. Some pray to walk back into the house. No matter what you do, your world has changed once you stepped out of that door. It is up to you on how to face your new world - either with excitement, caution or fear.

Doors will open. New steps will surface. Futures will build. Goals will set. True selves will form. Lives will change.

And here I am, staring out from the window in my room...

Waiting for my turn...

To step out of that door.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Sometimes it really makes you wonder why does it rain. When you look above the sky, you see raindrops falling down, slowly landing upon the fields. Rain usually makes you wander off into your thoughts and sometimes, you get lost in it. The rain symbolizes peace, serenity and gentle touches from Heaven.

Yet, it also symbolizes sadness, cloudiness, tears from Heaven. It gives people a mixture of feelings. It gives a smile and welcoming arms to those who love rain and the cool weather it brings us. It also tunes down our mood and gives a sense of loneliness deep down ourselves, spreading a colour of blue on our emotions.

The rain describes both hope and grief.

Tears from the sky could come from both joy and sadness.

Does it rain for a reason? Is it trying to tell us something? Or rather, it is just another amazing creation of the Creator in the Universe?

As this makes you wonder and wander lost in thoughts, the raindrops keep falling...

Friday, June 25, 2010


I think I finally understand what optimism really is. =)

It's not about convincing other people and telling yourself that you're thinking positive. Neither is it typing statuses with smileyfaces and cute emoticons too. Which reminds me! You guys! Be sure when is the right time to use smiley faces, like, =), :), =D etc... If you type them too much, they'll lose their meaning. If you type them once in a while, you'll send the message to your friends clearer, in a way that they'll think that you're really happy, because you don't really type the smileyface and now you do. Hahaha! Err... I hear one of you out there... are you typing smileyfaces just because you want to sound friendly and not serious or angry? Well, I agree at that point... there's a huge difference between:

"Just be yourself!" AND "Just be yourself! =)"

Well, it depends on how you use it, that is true.

Anyway, my main point is, to build true optimism, it involves many times of falling down and getting up, standing up among all the negativities and look down with a smile, being able to get up from failure and determine yourself to strive for success! Optimism is not something you gain just by hearing or thinking, you have to really experience it to realize for yourself. For the past few years I was living in pessimism and thinking negatively, always worrying about the future and stuffs. Now? I still think like that, haha! But I am starting to let all these go.

Optimism comes from the heart through experience and realization, not from the mind through thoughts and assumptions.

I think I finally understand: "When there is a will, there is a way."

Hmm? The button? It's not that dreadful anymore, I pressed it down long time ago, what are you talking about? =P

Monday, June 21, 2010


All you need to do is press the button.

When you do that, the gears will start turning. When the gears start to turn, there is no stopping them. And the only thing you can do is go along with them.

Sometimes, it's worth wondering over some coincidences that occur in our lives. Will you be amazed on how right the timing is, for that exact time at that exact place, you'll meet people that either become your friends, your best friends, your partner, or your enemy? Sometimes, although it's just a few minutes, yet a stranger might give you the greatest lesson you ever had? What makes us meet the specific people at that particular moment?

It's like each and every one of us have unseen bonds connecting each other, just waiting for the time to meet face to face. You can't see it, neither can you feel it, but it is there. When you enter a new environment, at that particular moment, you'll meet up with these people that will be in your lives till the end of days. You never know how they appear to be at that same place with yours, but they're just there. It is amazing and blissful at the same time.

For some rare cases, these people are exactly there with you to witness a happening together. To be in an event with you. Probably a big project or something. These people will suddenly enter your lives, while you get along with them very well, little did anyone know that there is something coming upon them, when the time comes, all of these people will have to stand back to back , hand in hand and overcome all the adversities together.

Have you ever met an incident like this before in your life? I just did. While in Perth, I'm suddenly meeting people whom I never talked to before, yet when together, it's like we've been friends for years. How each of us can connect and communicate with one another so easily is just so amazing. The surprising thing is, we all think alike. Deep down, something is telling us - that something is coming.

Am I thinking too much, like I've did for the past few years? Am I trying to show off on how weird I think things in life and type them all here? Am I just making you more confused onto why I type so many mysterious and confusing blog posts? Or am I just over-analyzing things and worrying too much about the future?

That does not matter to me anymore.

Ready to face the truth and find out the answers to solve all confusions and anomalies, and strive hard to overcome the adversities?


All you need to do is press the button.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I enjoyed my life until this day.

I enjoyed having my family and I love them until this day.

I enjoyed my stay in Perth, from last year until this day.

I enjoyed having so many friends, who all support me in whatever I do, right until this day.

I enjoyed getting to know so many different people, until this day.

I enjoyed being part of Kian Kok, KDU College and Murdoch University, right until this day.

I enjoyed the cool weather in Perth, until this day.

I enjoyed stalking from my window in Flat 49 for any of my friends to pass by, right until this day.

I enjoyed Berri Apple Juice, Chocolate Mud Cake, and Arnotts' Tim-Tam, right till this day.

I enjoyed people getting shocked from my new hair cut, right until this day.


I enjoyed myself.... And I will keep enjoying myself.


I will keep enjoying it when people get shocked from my new hair cut.

I will keep enjoying Berri Apple Juice, Chocolate Mud Cake, and Arnotts' Tim-Tam.

I will keep enjoying stalking from my window in Flat 49 for any of my friends to pass by.

I will keep enjoying the cool weather in Perth.

I will keep enjoying being part of Kian Kok, KDU College and Murdoch University.

I will keep enjoying getting to know so many different people.

I will keep enjoying having so many friends, who all support me in whatever I do.

I will keep enjoying my stay in Perth, from last year.

I will keep enjoying having my family and I love them.

I will keep enjoying my life.

Till the end of days.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Imagine a millennium turtle swimming in the ocean. Every 100 years, it will pop up its head out of the ocean to look at the sky. There is no telling where will the turtle pops its head out at. After that, the turtle will sink back and swim deep down. It will emerge and pop its head out again after 100 years.

Imagine a square-shaped wooden plank floating in the ocean. Right at the center of the wooden plank is a circular hole, big enough for a leg to go through. It floats all around the ocean, drifting pass Australia, Antarctica, Greenland, etc. It keeps drifting.

Now, after a 100 years, the turtle re-emerges to the surface and pops out its head. At that exact same moment, the turtle popped its head right through the hole of the wooden plank, in the middle of the vast ocean.

Too much of a coincidence, you say? That is exactly what I was in.

I just came back from a party yesterday. A lot of things happened and its coincidence is just... too great to be described in words. Being at a place like that just makes you want to cry for joy. No, I am not exaggerating. If you were there, I am sure you will as well. You don't have to know what has happened in the party - words cannot finish the entire story and event. But all I can tell is - that night was full of coincidences, so great, so true, that you do not want it to end. Everyone was so happy, the positive atmosphere was so strong.

After some positive synchronizing, I came to a temporary conclusion about my life.

"I have learnt and realized a lot......
......but there is so much more to learn and realize..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We were pranked.

Good morning everybody! It really is rare for me to upload a blog post, but I realized this is something worth sharing, so here you go.

It was around 2.40am in the morning on this day (15/5/2010), at that time, I was in my friend's flat , Ismail's flat to be exact, chatting with my friends. For your info, the flat is downstairs and the room door i was in with 2 of my friends were wide open. All of a sudden, we heard a very loud hissing noise outside the room. Then, we saw black gas pouring in into the corridor and right into our room. We were all shocked and surprised. My friend, Pravish, acted on instinct and immediately slammed the room door shut. That was very wise of him to do so. Because we would not know whether the black gas is poisonous or not. The hissing kept going on. Perhaps when my friend slammed the door, the hissing stopped. Pravish and I immediately bolted out of the room to the living room. We saw a fire extinguisher on the ground.

I didn't manage to take a photo of it, so I give you this Google-Imaged file that looks just like the one we saw. So that is what made the black gas and the hissing sound. That's strange, I don't recall my friends having a fire extinguisher in their flats.

We noticed that the sliding door was wide open. We ran out of the flat right to the parking lot outside the flat. We saw 2 guys carrying a set of fire extinguishers, pulling them out of a vehicle's boot and running away. We were able to catch them, beat them up and give them a piece of our minds for real. They will pay for this! We will hunt them down, spray the fire extinguisher all over their freaking faces and let them eat our poop!

Nah, you all know I'm not that evil.

We decided to let them go. There really is no point to cause harm to ourselves (and to our friends) by provoking them to come over. After everyone recovered from the shock, another friend of mine called security. We explained the incident as detailed as possible. Unfortunately, we don't remember which vehicle did they take out the set from. Otherwise we might be able to provide more details. While security was inspecting the vehicles, I actually checked and see for any sign or evidence that they had left.

Too much forensics for me. xD

We headed back to Ismail's flat, had a talk about it, and realized that we did not lock the sliding door. That explains why the pranksters were able to get in the flat and spray the fire extinguisher. You do realize that I mentioned 'pranksters'. Yes, it is very obvious that we were pranked. No one got hurt, no one was still under shock, nothing was lost, so let them go. They mean no harm, just trying to make a prank with us, I see no need to take revenge or kick their asses next time. Besides, it's our fault for not locking the sliding door.

Moral of the story?

Lock the god-damn door!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, if you're seeing this blog post, the first thing you should know is that I am currently synchronizing.

If you would be so damn free to check my Facebook status (or MSN personal message), you would realize that I would type "Jonathan Wjy is synchronizing." I am trying very hard to catch up with reality and the truth. To cope up with my overloading stress, both physically and mentally. To understand and try to adapt myself to my environment and reality itself. To have some time to recover from any mental breakdown I might have.

To tell that... I am... at that moment... mentally weak.

I always have a rule in Facebook, or in anything I chat, type or write. I will never, no matter what, never tell other people about my problems and issues, neither would I complain or piss off in the statuses or nicknames I have. I know other people who see this won't feel good and due to that, I might upset them. Besides, it really is inappropriate to upset others because we are ourselves, right? With words like "I am suffering" or "I am dying" or "I lost myself", these words will do nothing but keep people worried like shit now, isn't that true? That's why I'll never do that, and whatever you say, I still won't.

Because, after all, it is my fault every time this happens, so being in this current state and I deserve that. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm currently very challenged with one of my units and I have issues with people recommending flowers for me to pick. I want to announce that I will not pick a single flower at all and I will do whatever it takes - to get through my studies and my unit. For the last 7 months of my degree.

I will resume my assignment after typing this.

Now, I am synchronizing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing much but updates

I have nothing but updates now... having 5 assignments due in two weeks... let's see... hmm...

A summary report due this Friday.

2 reports due this sunday. One a summary and the other a report to be fought in a law court.

1 research essay due next Friday.

One freaking JAVA GUI program due next Friday as well. OH GOD. This assignment drives me nuts.

So, basically that's it. Recently, due to my assignment chain, I had been hanging out with a bunch of really crazy and abnormal friends. But they're cool and won't affect me doing my assignment. After all, when you're concentrating, nothing will bother you whatsoever. =)

Going to Caversham this Saturday again, must finish the 3 assignments before heading there! Good luck to all my friends having assignments, projects and exams! May's gonna be a tough month, but after the sour comes the sweet, so let's stay strong and give those freedom-killers a piece of our minds! >:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You'll realize that life is always busy if you stop procrastinating.

Anyway, it's been a while guys! How are your studies going lately? Any interesting updates in your life? Or anything sad? Whatsoever, be in mind that these are all just experiences in daily life. Don't be depressed over the sad issues and don't get too cocky over the happy issues. There is always something to learn from something, that is what makes life meaningful. =)

Once again, I thank all of you out there for supporting my first DotA video ever. Whether you know DotA or not, thanks for your support. It was really a success, well, just in my social network circle, not outside yet. XD But seriously, your comments and likes are much appreciated. Really motivates me to make more videos. However, with the loads of assignments coming up, hopefully I can. Haha! For those of you who haven't seen the video I made for my clan, you can either find it in my Facebook profile, or check out this YouTube link:

Oh by the way, I woke up at 4am to get one of my assignments done and i'm still doing it, hence the time this blog is created. Feeling very tired, but I have to be strong, because there will be more days as busy as the days I had last week till now. Must survive till the end!

Still thinking a lot about life and its philosophies. I heard a lot from my friends and family and some strangers as well. Really hope to understand them and share it with people who need it. Till today, I always believe these:

- Everything happens for a reason.

- There is always a good side of things.

- If you have troubles and are worried about them, you're not being optimistic even if you say you are.

- It is good not to give up in life no matter what, however we must know our limits and the current situation instead of ramming head straight to layers of walls. That applies to love, specifically to love.

Will share more if the time comes. Well now, off to complete my assignment. Wish me luck and I wish you luck in whatever you're fighting for! GOOD LUCK! ^^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello readers! I'm updated this blog today to make an announcement.

My clan, Clan AoS and I finally got our first DotA video ever, all played, edited and created by ourselves! Of course, we can't compete with all the other DotA video players and video editors world wide - they have way more experiences than us. However, we have no intention in winning anyone. This video is made specially as a tribute for all my dear KDU friends whom I spent time with together while in KL and has no means in competing with other DotA videos. You'll notice that most of the scenes are from AI scenes. That is to show that we all began playing DotA with AIs as our opponents. This is to mark the start of our journey to the DotA world, as we had decided that if we are to have another video, we will not have any more AI scenes within the video. So do not have any prejudice towards our video just because our opponents are computers or bots. Enjoy the ride and you'll enjoy the video. ^^

Our video - DotA: Ace Of Spades - will be uploaded Facebook-wide on 7th April, 2010, 9PM. Be sure to check out our video and give us your honest feedback.

Very well then, Ace of Spades, Coming Soon!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some updates

Hello everyone! It's funny to know why every time when I update my blog, many people knows about it and they'll come check my blog. That's really nice of you all. Until this day, I thank you all for dropping by my blog, it means a lot to me.

Anyway, here are some updates.

- Easter Break is starting! From 2nd April (yesterday) till 5th April! My study break is starting too! From 5th April till 11th April! A long holiday this time! =D But well, should start focusing on catching up with my studies, especially JAVA. That assignment also got me killed.

- I'm still staying at the same flat. My new flatmates got pets for themselves. The only female flatmate got herself 2 guinea pigs and 2 birds. One a cockatoo and the other a pudgy. While my flatmate living right in front of my room got himself a ragdoll kitten. Man, his ragdoll kitten is cute! It's so cute, that whoever sees it, will want a piece of Tacho. Oh yeah, that's his name. So yeah, my flat is half a pet store now. XD

- Currently working on a DotA video - 'DotA: Ace Of Spades' - in tribute to all those who played DotA with me during my KDU times. So for any DotA fans out there, if my video comes out, be sure to support. =) I'll put the video on Facebook, not on YouTube. However, due to my studies and problem catching up, I doubt I'll be making another video after the first...

- Just realized that I dislike arguments, complaints, whines and such. They're all not good for the ear and the heart. It just creates distance between people. That includes those statuses on Facebook.

- I don't think I'll type any more sentiment posts for now. Too much of those aren't good as well. ^^ So if you want updates from me, just come back from time to time. =D

- Me? A party guy? Nah, I'm not that kind of guy anymore. Last semester, yeah, I lost myself to gaining attention. Now, nah. XD

- I still don't drink and smoke or 'screw' around.

- So basically, I'm still me. The only difference is that I gained more perspectives in life, that's all, like everyone else. Still a crazy person, still fooling around, still being fooled at, still me!!

That's it for now! I got one more assignment to attend to. Looking forwards to my study break. =| <--- is the most neutral expression of all times. Right in between =) and =(. Haha! Till then everybody!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The colour of hope is green.

Trees are green. Leaves are green. Nature is green.

Hope is green.

You don't have to ask, I'm also wondering why I haven't update my blog lately. XD

I am slowly getting convinced by a lot of facts in life with each passing day. "Things will always work out if you do whatever you have or want to do without worrying about the consequences." This is true. By not worrying, means not even having the slightest bit of worry, not to even think about it so much, because usually if you are, you're worrying about it deep down. Ask yourself and you'll find it true. Once you stop worrying, it always comes.

You probably think that I'm thinking too much, or making this sound too serious when it's not supposed to. Haha, I sure am the old JY, always thinking too much when I'm not supposed to. But I'm glad I did. Just because I think too much, I am where I am now. But thanks to my best friend in KDU, he thought me not to feel depressed or worry too much while thinking, that'll do. He's right. =)

Just because of thinking so much, I understood a lot about the world, about the facts of life and how we, as normal human beings, have the ultimate power to change the world. How we can make sure that December 21st, 2012 will not happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're seeing this right now, I'm here to change your views on 2012 once and for all. We will never know whether this day will come, wiping us off from the surface of Earth. The Mayan stopped writing about what's gonna happen after December 21st, 2012. They did that for a reason. They want us, human beings, to decide for ourselves, to use our hands to shape the future, to work together as one to change our fate.

To give hope.

All you have to do, is to believe. To hope that we'll have a better future.

Of course, based on all the happenings and disasters around us, it is really hard to believe that. But don't stop. This is EXACTLY why we must believe for a better future.

I'm sure most of you understand that our world is slowly dying with each passing day. But we cannot give up hope just because of that. Yes, we are not capable of changing the world or making all these pollutions, global warming stop. But we can hope. It's a strong power that every individual possess, whether they realized it or not. One person doing so isn't enough. That is why we must hope together, to pass on this strength to individuals all around us, telling them to pray and believe deep down, to give hope to each of them.

How to give hope? A lot of people have been giving hope to people around the world using different methods. Some give motivational speeches. Some pray sincerely to God. Some make campaigns to protect Mother Earth from pollutions. Some just spread the word to other people, making them think positive.

You have this power. You are capable of doing anything in the world, no matter how weak, how disabled or how ugly you are. It doesn't matter. The mind is a very powerful organ, with the mind, we know what pain is, we know what emotions are. Now, with the power of the brain, we will know what hope is. We all posses this strong, immeasurable ability.

You have to believe in yourself. If you really do, you will have the power to give other people hope.

I call this power - the force of the Universe.

The force of the Universe is a very powerful and mystical force. However, no words can be used to describe it. Ever since we're born in Earth, we already posses this power. Because we're part of the Universe. Once we die, we go straight back to the Universe. It lies deep down our souls, but by believing deeply in yourself and hope, you will be able to trigger this force, to do things that you never thought you could, to do the impossible. That is why people on wheelchairs can run so long and far. That is why there are so many successful people out there. That is why we have Einstein, Newton and many others.

That is why... I can type this.

We can do this. We can believe deeply in ourselves that our hopes can change the future. With our combined strength, the force of the Universe will be present in us, giving us this powerful force to do the impossible - to make sure December 21st, 2012 will not happen. For a better future. For many more years ahead. For the future generations.

The colour of hope - is green.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I still could not understand before. Doesn't playing computer games make you happy? Doesn't going to karaokes or clubbing makes us forget about our worries and make us happy? Why when all these are over, we'll lose this happy feeling?

I would like to thank a special friend, for motivated me to embark on a journey to seek true happiness and answers to all those never-ending confusions.


All of my questions are finally answered.

All my negativities, all my doubts, all my confusions, even questions about the world - all gone!

I can't believe how idiotic I was, trying to make clear of what's happening about the world and around me, when I was supposed to identify my priorities, understand what is important and what I should do.

I don't know how to write the answers down... they're too great and impossible to be written in words.

But once I applied these answers to my daily life.... I will keep doing so, each and every day of my life. Once I succeed, which I believe it's a matter of time, I will share this with my parents, friends and everyone else out there who needs it.

I will. I really...... will.

其实大家 - 都是一家人......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The glass is half full.

Hello dear readers and friends!!! At last, a publicized blog update! Happy Chinese New Year 2010!! Year of the Tiger is here now, so best luck for business, studies and everything else!! To some other friends of mine, Happy Valentine's Day!! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Charles Kwong. =)

Time flies without warning, without stopping. Within a few days, I'll be flying back to Perth. I will be reaching the village at 20th February. I read a lot, learnt a lot, thought a lot, realized a lot. I cannot look at the world like I'd did before. The world has never been a depressing place to live in. It is me - who feels depressed over the world - which is completely unnecessary. As long as I think things the optimistic side and do my best, things will always work out. Many may not believe in this, but I really do.

I have been living a life full of complicating thoughts ever since I joined Prefect Board. I find myself a 'philosopher', also an idiot. Sometimes things are not as complicated as it seems. Thanks to my mum, my best advisor, I have finally 'converted' myself from 'complicated' to 'simple'. Be in mind, there is a big difference between (1) "Being 'simple' all the time" and (2) "Changing oneself to becoming simple from complicated". I'm glad I had conquered my thoughts and become a better person. =D

My house, my room, my keyboard, my mum's office, Centrepoint, City Mall cyber, CyberX, E-City, Tanjung Aru beach, Bukit Padang, my school, my 2nd family, my dear friends, my sister, my mum and my dad.... They will all once again leave my life for the next one year.

Once again, this strong bond I had with me beloved hometown is detached, sending me off to Perth. This long lost feeling of warmth, familiarity and bliss, will once again be absent - until the next time I return, which till now I still do not know when.

The peace at mind and joyful times from my dearest friends, the bullying of my sister, the stern advices and strict voice of my dad, the funny nagging and warm hugs from my mum, the warm feeling of being home and secured - will all be absent - till the day I return.

But this is my life. It is a giant milestone and challenge for me to learn how to be independent. I have to go, and I will go back to Perth. I'll miss all of Sabah, I won't cry or shed a tear while I leave my family, boarding the airplane....

*whisper* Then I'll cry like hell on the plane. *whisper*

Haha! Right now, I don't want to think so much! Gonna enjoy the last days of being in Sabah! Live it as meaningful as possible! Then when I get back to Perth, GET READY PERTH!

Happy Chinese New Year once again, everybody!! ^^

I, thank you for your time. Now run along and celebrate CNY now. =D

Monday, February 1, 2010

February arises...

It has been so long, but I'm back here now.

I'm really thankful that I've went back to my hometown. I understood, learnt and realized a lot about a lot of things - my friends, my future, the world... and even myself.

There was once whereby I did a few stuffs that I'm not so proud of. But as far as life is concerned, there's no turning back. So, I gotta face the facts and live a happy person from now on. Being happy on the outside is insufficient. One must be happy on the inside or else the happiness shown outside will not seem true.

Don't worry! I'm still the same JY you guys know all along. It's just a mentality change and the fact that I looked through the negativities of life itself and am currently finding a way to change it.

Will be going back to Perth at 18th February. I miss Perth, but I'm gonna miss Malaysia.