Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm still here!

Whoops! Sorry people. It's been so long since I updated my blog. There has been a lot going on around me these few weeks. What, you don't know yet? Huh, that means you're not a regular Facebook stalker. =p If you knew what happened or just knew, don't worry, everything is fine now. Thank you for your concern. I have recovered and now studying is my top priority now. =)

Anyway, I'm having exams next Monday and Friday. After that, on 29th November, I'll be flying back to KL to meet all my KDU friends until 9th December! Yay!! ^^

First of all, thanks Kit Guan for allowing me to stay at his place in Wangsa Maju for the first few days! I do not want to return to KDU so soon - my dear friends are having their exams at that time period and I'll regret if they're all distracted due to my presence. Haha! Don't believe? I influence others really well, you know? XD Anyway, I'll be staying there till 2nd December before moving again to PJ area, to meet my KDU friends!

Next, I would like to thank Ian for helping me write the request letter and Mako for allowing me to stay at his place! Yup, thanks to Mr Goh's (KDU Hostel warden, for some of you out there) permission, I'll be staying in KDU Hostel for the time period till the day of my flight. One night for RM15, oh well, that's reasonable enough. Since by working I can get around AUD20 per day, converting that, I'll get around RM60! With that money I can stay for 4 days! The exchange rate has increased greatly (1AUD = RM3.1!!), apparently the economy in Malaysia is getting unstable? No matter what, I'll be staying there till my flight departure and Ian is flying there with me! Boy, I'm really anxious to see all of you, you know that?!

Oh, for those whose names that I haven't mentioned, don't be mad at me. I'm still gonna meet anyone else who's also in KL too! Just leave a message here! But you better do so before I move to the hostel, because I doubt I'll be going back to KL after that.

Till then, I'll fight for my freedom in the exams! Engarde!! I really miss ALL of you in KDU! I'm coming back shortly! Wait for me~~! =D