Monday, October 26, 2009

I like this picture...

This picture, really describes my feelings right now. I really like scenery photos, you know? If you would have noticed, most of my pictures in my previous blog posts had all been scenery photos, even the title picture above. Haha! Well, what can be said~ I love scenery photos, they resonate with me in a way which words cannot describe... =) Oh, anyway, moving on to this photo, sorry for the alignment problem, I got that from a photo URL so I can't do any adjustments. So, thanks to below!

If you are highlighting this blog post, it's either you thinking that my blog post is too empty, or you know me very well.

I have made my thoughts my prison. It's no longer about love issues, it's no longer about my studies...

It's about life.

I like this picture very much... tribute from ragsphotography (c) at this website link:

People keep telling me, "Plan for the future!! If you fail to plan, your plan will fail!"

Some tell me, "Appreciate today, work hard for tomorrow!"

Some also tell me, "We live for the present, not for the past or for the future!"

Which is true? Which is false?

Enjoy the picture!! ^^

I am really unstable in my thoughts. Is it because I'm weak? Or because I don't understand myself, just like the rest?

Yet, deep down my heart...

If you can't see tomorrow which is within distance, how can you see the future which is beyond distance?

Friday, October 16, 2009

A $20 that belongs to me. =)

I earned AUD20 yesterday night!! My very first salary! ^^

Oh right, I'm really bad in updating you guys. I just took up a part time job in New Zealand Natural ice-cream kiosk in Carousel Shopping Centre, Perth. My very first part time job!!

Well, not really a part time job yet. I have to undergo some training to prepare for that. I'd started my training since last Tuesday until this Thursday night. In short, I had been training for 3 days only. However, I really learnt A LOT within these 3 days. If you give me the right ingredients, I can make fruit juice, milkshake, smoothie, bubble tea, even the cappuccino you drink in Starbucks. =D Hey! Stop giving me that disgusted look! I can ensure you that the drinks I make taste great, okay? xD

Here is where I work!

I really had a thrill working here. Multi-tasking and serving customers, it's just like those games that you play on your laptop, Diner Dash? Burger Rush? Cake Mania? Yeah, those games. I had to admit that for a clumsy person like me, my techniques aren't good enough. Not doing enough household it seems. Scooping a scoop of ice-cream could take me up to 5 minutes. My worse mistake: the customer wanted a chocolate thickshake. After blending the mix and pouring it out, watery liquid came out of it. From thickshake till milkshake. >__<

Sorry if I had offended any customers for the previous days. >__<

I guess I'll be working there from now on. Hopefully I can get some decent cash to spend back in Malaysia. So, before I go, let me show you... how to make... CHILLO! Chillo is something similar to the cappuccino in Starbucks. I made my very first, yesterday night!

First of all, prepare 220ml of fresh milk. Add a scoop of ice into it.

Secondly, take a big scoop of New Zealand Natural's Cookies 'N Cream ice-cream and dunk it in.

Then, add two spoonfuls of vanilla powder.

Blend it!

For this machine, set the blending speed as 4.

After blending is done, take it out and pour it into a cup. Add some whipped cream on it and pour some cookie powder on the cream.


I was drinking my own Chillo and it tastes really, really good. It makes me feel like a small kid. Haha. But I have to pay for it though, 10% discount for staffs. Sorry if some of the pictures are blur. Iwas secretly taking pictures of it without my boss knowing it, so no time to focus with my Sony Ericsson 2.0x mega pixels camera. xD

Tomorrow, I'll be going to a musical festival (or concert), called One Movement Music Festival! The ticket price is AUD99, but all Murdoch students and staffs can get them for free! From 12pm - 10pm, there will be combos of performances by bands and music groups, but I don't know any of them. They're mostly Australian bands. Oh boy, it's gonna be one hell of a crowd.

Ok, that is all for today's update! For my friends in Perth, be sure to visit me every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday shopping night! I'll make a drink just for you! But sorry, you must pay, because the boss won't let me make it for free.

Till the next blog, see ya!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've been there.

Among all of my frequent readers, I'm guessing that only 3 of you knew where I had been yesterday night. One of you who had been with me ever since I was born; one of you whom I missed a lot and one of you who was there with me yesterday and will find this post quite unpleasant.

My dear friends, this blog may surprise you, because it is almost impossible for a guy like me to do so.

Everyone, I went clubbing yesterday night.

Now now, don't start getting excited and encouraging over my first time. Neither should you feel upset or antipathy over my choice of going clubbing. Yesterday, 3 of my friends were celebrating their birthdays on the same day. After an Italian dinner and some change of outfit, we went to Northbridge of Perth City, finding a nightclub to go party. Northbridge is one of the most 'happening' place in town due to most of the night clubs, bars and pubs located within it. During the night, teenagers around will all gather here to party and enjoy themselves and get drunk. Sometimes, fighting occurs. One of the most dangerous times to be in Northbridge is Friday night.

Don't worry, we came back home safe and sound, thankfully.

There was some hassle in between; I will not share the story here, it's a long one; due to that we were led to this place - The Court.

The Court is a hotel pub which organizes clubbing nights every Friday. To be granted entrance to night clubs, you must either provide your passport, or a Proof of Age card to verify that you are not under age (18). This place really was happening!!! Everyone was dancing like crazy over here! There was 17 of us that night, many of them showing off their moves on the dance floor. Oh, this pub is also open to homosexuals. That's right. I saw 2 guys kissing passionately at a corner. Unbelievable, yet not surprising to me. It's not because I'm gay that's why I find it okay, it's because too many unpredictable things are happening around me, I have been immune to these incidents. After going to The Court, we went to Paramount and clubbed until 3 in the morning before we went back home.

Many of my female friends were dancing and enjoying themselves, as if they've never did it before.Everyone was having such a good time, dancing widly, screaming out loud, not giving a damn about anyone else. I was there dancing and shouting with them as well. Don't worry, I never hooked up with any other girls during clubbing, let alone drinking or smoking. The reason why I joined my friends to clubbing night yesterday was only because I wanted to experience how fun clubbing is and to understand why people love night time activities such as these. After that night, I finally understood why.

I feel both happy and sad - for those people who chose to club, drink, smoke, have sex for the sake of that temporary happiness, that temporary escape from reality - at the same time.

It's not up to me to decide not to go clubbing anymore, because one day when I start working and if clubbing is involved, I don't have a choice. However, I have made up my mind. As long as free will can be taken into consideration, I will choose not to join them. Don't get me wrong, last time, I was rejecting clubbing sessions with a closed mind. Now, my mind is wide open, yet my stand remains. Besides, I'm not a clubbing type of person right from the start, remember?

Temptations... to refuse for the sake of sanity, or to receive for the sake of desire?

Friday, October 2, 2009

I just saw some of my friends' (Murdoch) blogs respectively. Looking back at their past posts, I realized that they too are having coping problems. The same problems that I had faced months ago. About leaving all your loved ones behind and proceeding to another country. The distance just gets further and further.

I finally found out that I still have some social issues. I tend to kill a happy mood by saying things that I'm actually not supposed to. XD

Right now, I'm under confusion. A part of my mind tells me, "Don't give a damn about how others think about you! Live your life the way you want it to be!"

But another part of my mind tells me, "Socialize! Be accepted by others and don't make them think you're an anti-social!"

I buy the anti-social point, but not the 'accepted by others' point. If I want to be accepted by others, that means I have to change myself and restrain myself from doing stupid things. That's not me anymore, right? XD Still dealing with the confusion~

So, before I end my post here, I just want to let all of you know... Whether you're in KDU, Murdoch or anywhere else in this part of the world. If you're still having problems with adapting, coping or getting used to a new environment...

I am one of them. You are not alone. =)