Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arnott's Tim Tam (Advertisement)

Recently, I got myself addicted to Arnott's Tim Tam, sometimes also known as Arnott's Win Me. Well, it's the same brand and biscuits.

I bought 2 packets of Arnott's Tim Tam in a superstore, Coles at Kardinya Park. Each packet costs $2.29. Its original price is around $2.92 but at the moment there was a good offer. In each packet there are 11 biscuits, all coated with a thick layer of chocolate, followed by the biscuit itself and a thick layer of chocolate cream.

There are a few options that you can try while eating them. Either you put them in the fridge and eat them while they're cold and solid, or eat them while they're melting. My flatmate taught me a new way. First, bite off a very small chunk from one corner of the biscuit, then bite off another small chunk from the opposite corner. Then, dip one of the bitten corner into milk while sucking the milk up from the othe bitten corner. A biscuit straw!!

THEY ARE REALLY DELICIOUS! I unwrapped both of them and placed all the chocolate biscuits in my container. I placed the container besides my laptop so I can chew on them anytime I want. =)

Dear friends in Malaysia, is this available in Malaysia? Kindly check it out for me and let me know please. Thanks!
EDIT: I was told that this biscuit had long been in Malaysia! My god! I can't believe i'm so ignorant to things around me!! >__<

So what are you waiting for! Buy Arnott's Tim Tam / Win Me now and feel the chocolate indulgence!!

Oh, I forgotten to share something here. Last Sunday, out of boredom and hunger, I ordered for Domino's Pizza from my room. Yes you're right, it's a pizza delivery. =)

Cheese sticks. I bought 2 sets.

My Simple Cheese Pizza!!!! It was really good. =)

It costed me $21.85. It's a waste of money actually, because they have offers on every Tuesday whereby you can order a pizza for $5 or $9. This one costed around $17. But they said all food and drinks that we order must exceed $20 before a delivery can be done. Well, it does encourage me to share pizzas with my friends instead of eating it alone. Well, once in a while doesn't do much harm, right? ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breaking the nutshell

Well, I had been in Perth for about a month now. Things are settling down slowly for me and I settled down pretty quick this time, since I had the same experience while in KDU. I met new friends, new lecturers, of course, a new degree environment.

Coming to Perth really opened my eyes to the world, like a nutcracker cracking a nutshell. I really learnt a lot of things and understood countless difference between Malaysia and Australia. For some reasons, I felt disappointment about Malaysia's progress lately, on how race discrimination still continues; on how poor Malay people are being discriminated by others in the same country; on how naive and stubborn some people are in the government, dying to protect the Malay's rights, only to lose sight of what Malaysia had truly become; on how suspicious people look at every stranger that passes by, fearing that they may be a victim from the stranger...

Of course, I have nothing more to say, as I have lots and lots of information that I do not know yet. Other people take them as 'common sense' and I don't have them. Looks like it's a long way to go for me to learn about the world......

Maybe reading newspaper, watching news online or TV will help. But I'm still in lazy mode due to lack of motivation, so yeah, the irony. XD

Nothing much to say actually. Oh right, I have prepared a letter regarding all my updates while in Perth. Sorry for not sharing it here because there's too many things to talk about. I sent this letter to friends and family out there. So if you would like a copy of the letter, feel free to ask me. Or you can find me in facebook or MSN and chat for hours, I don't mind. =)

That's all for now! Oh, by the way, today afternoon, my Aussie lecturer gave me and my friend, Alex a shock. He spoke Cantonese to us. O.o

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Layout! New Update!!

Hello guys!! Wow! It's been so long since I even touched my blog!! Once again, I just saw a few of my friend's blog and then I decided to update my blog. I gave it a new layout, template and a background. How is it? Very refreshing, right? ^ ^

I'm using Roxanne's previous template. Sorry for using your template too Mako. =p

So I'll be doing my best to update often, but lately I really need pictures and photos with me while I write my blog, so yes, I'm in serious need of a camera. I have a sudden envious feeling towards my sister and her camera, I hoped to have one for myself too. But at that moment, she got her camera and I insisted for an electronic keyboard. I never regretted having that awesome keyboard, but right now in Perth, around all these beautiful green scenaries, I HAVE to take pictures of them. I have a Sony Ericsson handphone with 2.0x megapixels. Obviously I need a better one. For the time being, I guess I'll have to rely on my friends' cameras. >__<

Let's see... Oh! I finally found a cactus!! Right, I never mentioned. Experts say that if you have a cactus in your room besides your laptop, it will absorb the radioactivity, reducing its impact on the user. I never heard of such theories, but it's worth a shot. I went to my mum's friend's place and she gave me one small cute cactus to take care of. I was damn excited when I got my cactus. XD

Guys, girls, meet my cactus, Roro.

Judging by the name i gave it, I believe you are able to figure out why. =)

I'll be putting it at my window porch now. Anyone who knows how to take good care of a cactus, please leave a comment to teach me how, since this is the first time in my life taking care of a living thing all by myself.

I guess that's all for now. Hmm... I need to start improving my English vocabulary... Cheers people!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hi guys! Sorry for not updating, my life has been quite enjoyable lately. Other than that, the main reason is because it's really really cold right now, somewhere around 10 degrees, so cold that you'll only want to sleep it away. Right, hibernating. But it's getting warmer from time to time. Anyway, I'm in Perth now!! My parents and I flew to Singapore on July 22nd and to Perth by Jetstar Airlines on July 23rd. After settling down, dealing with my stuffs and hanging out together, my parents flew back on July 30th. Nah, I won't cry, we're gonna meet again in 4 months. XD Besides of the cold weather, the sky here is deep blue with no clouds with a distorted shaped moon. The view of the moon in Malaysia is so much better compared to here, but the sky in KL is so much better here. That's what it gets for pollutions and corruptions. Nyehe.

So, here are some pictures. Enjoy!
In front of Fremantle Prison

Swan Lake Bell Tower & Wheel of Perth

In front of a caravan in Murdoch. ^^

Pictures here include places such as Perth Zoo and Fremantle Prison. More pictures in my Facebook.

I do miss my family. But I made a promise to myself and everyone I love. So, I'll take good care of myself and do the best out of what I had. It’s also high time to polish my English too.

I'm not sure what else to tell you guys, but thanks for waiting for my blog update, any questions regarding anything about my life in Perth, feel free to leave a comment. ^^ Oh by the way, the swine flu here isn't as terrible as you think it'll be. No one's wearing masks, boarding up their homes or freaking out about it at all. Hah, and I thought they took it damn seriously. =/