Monday, March 22, 2010

The colour of hope is green.

Trees are green. Leaves are green. Nature is green.

Hope is green.

You don't have to ask, I'm also wondering why I haven't update my blog lately. XD

I am slowly getting convinced by a lot of facts in life with each passing day. "Things will always work out if you do whatever you have or want to do without worrying about the consequences." This is true. By not worrying, means not even having the slightest bit of worry, not to even think about it so much, because usually if you are, you're worrying about it deep down. Ask yourself and you'll find it true. Once you stop worrying, it always comes.

You probably think that I'm thinking too much, or making this sound too serious when it's not supposed to. Haha, I sure am the old JY, always thinking too much when I'm not supposed to. But I'm glad I did. Just because I think too much, I am where I am now. But thanks to my best friend in KDU, he thought me not to feel depressed or worry too much while thinking, that'll do. He's right. =)

Just because of thinking so much, I understood a lot about the world, about the facts of life and how we, as normal human beings, have the ultimate power to change the world. How we can make sure that December 21st, 2012 will not happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're seeing this right now, I'm here to change your views on 2012 once and for all. We will never know whether this day will come, wiping us off from the surface of Earth. The Mayan stopped writing about what's gonna happen after December 21st, 2012. They did that for a reason. They want us, human beings, to decide for ourselves, to use our hands to shape the future, to work together as one to change our fate.

To give hope.

All you have to do, is to believe. To hope that we'll have a better future.

Of course, based on all the happenings and disasters around us, it is really hard to believe that. But don't stop. This is EXACTLY why we must believe for a better future.

I'm sure most of you understand that our world is slowly dying with each passing day. But we cannot give up hope just because of that. Yes, we are not capable of changing the world or making all these pollutions, global warming stop. But we can hope. It's a strong power that every individual possess, whether they realized it or not. One person doing so isn't enough. That is why we must hope together, to pass on this strength to individuals all around us, telling them to pray and believe deep down, to give hope to each of them.

How to give hope? A lot of people have been giving hope to people around the world using different methods. Some give motivational speeches. Some pray sincerely to God. Some make campaigns to protect Mother Earth from pollutions. Some just spread the word to other people, making them think positive.

You have this power. You are capable of doing anything in the world, no matter how weak, how disabled or how ugly you are. It doesn't matter. The mind is a very powerful organ, with the mind, we know what pain is, we know what emotions are. Now, with the power of the brain, we will know what hope is. We all posses this strong, immeasurable ability.

You have to believe in yourself. If you really do, you will have the power to give other people hope.

I call this power - the force of the Universe.

The force of the Universe is a very powerful and mystical force. However, no words can be used to describe it. Ever since we're born in Earth, we already posses this power. Because we're part of the Universe. Once we die, we go straight back to the Universe. It lies deep down our souls, but by believing deeply in yourself and hope, you will be able to trigger this force, to do things that you never thought you could, to do the impossible. That is why people on wheelchairs can run so long and far. That is why there are so many successful people out there. That is why we have Einstein, Newton and many others.

That is why... I can type this.

We can do this. We can believe deeply in ourselves that our hopes can change the future. With our combined strength, the force of the Universe will be present in us, giving us this powerful force to do the impossible - to make sure December 21st, 2012 will not happen. For a better future. For many more years ahead. For the future generations.

The colour of hope - is green.