Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well, I am back in my bloggy, typing another blog.

I'm sorry guys. I planned to make a tribute blog for 8 of my best KDU buddies, but unfortunately due to the continuous problems occuring on Streamyx, adding on that I'm actually online at Sabah, my connection is so slow, I can't upload any photos in my blog. Well, I'll need photos of course. So that's why I have to find a right time, where the Internet line is amazingly fast, then I can upload the necessary photos and post up my blog. Too bad, the connection is unstable all the time, I kept disconnecting from the Internet, so my blog-publish-date was postponed until today, and still the line is unstable. So, let us wait till the line gets stable and okay one day. ^^

By July 23, I'll be heading towards Perth. It's a whole new learning experience for me. I'm not sure whether I can cope with all these, but I'm damn sure I will eventually. So, I can't back out from my challenges, so I'll face them with full courage!!! Besides, I promised a lot of people that I'll do my best there. So yup, wish me all the best.

Okay, this is just a brief update for my blog before it gets filled with dust and cobwebs. My next blog will be here once I get a stable line, so please wait!!

To some of my friends, good luck with your new degree life at KDU!!!