Saturday, September 26, 2009


Before you start asking, 'GG' is a short term for 'Good Game', commonly used in DotA matches when the game ends and you want to compliment the whole progress of the game. After all, despite all the flaming and swearing during the game, we'll all shake hands and admit defeat in the end. =)

There are hundreds of games that I've played before, varying from different consoles, some that I couldn't even recall. The classic Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series, Metal Slug all series, Golden Sun, After Dark Games, Resident Evil... etc. However I'm just a regular gamer, not a hardcore gamer. Until today, I prefer First-Person Shooting Games rather than RPGs. RPG just take too much time for me and I prefer games that end fast so you can play the next round instantly. Here, I'll show you my most frequently played games of all times.

My friends, welcome to my world of gaming.

Double-Kill First Blood!

This game is one of my all time favourites, Defence of the Ancients, DotA. DotA is a strategy Player VS Player hero defence custom map game from the real game, Warcraft III and has become immensely popular within the youth. DotA led itself to various competitions, forums, blogs and had been well received by gamers worldwide. I'm not as pro as the other players out there, but I enjoy playing it a lot with the AI Maps. These maps contain (programmed) computer players to fight you if you're playing alone. But I like this while playing with your friends best. ^^ DOTA ROCKS!!!

Next up is an old-time favourite by most senior gamers out there, Counter Strike. I'm very sure you've heard of it. Do you still recall phrases like "Terrorists Win!", or the most popular "Fire in the Hole!"? It's all from this First-Person Shooting Game. (FPS), one of the first FPS LAN games to ever exist. I don't play this quite often, I'm more hooked up on DotA instead. There is also this game series called 'Call of Duty'. It's far by my most favoured FPS game ever. Especially the 4th game - Modern Warfare. Too bad I can't make any screenshots out of it because I don't have it with me. But trust me, it will blow your mind away. =D

When I was in secondary school, it was during the VBA trend. Visual Boy Advance is an GameBoy Advance emulator in PC so you can play Game Boy Advance games in your computer. I am an addict to the Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Zero series. In fact, I'm actually a Megaman fan. You want a talk about it, feel free to seek me out. =D All Megaman series in GBA are 2D-action games, although the graphics is crappy but they are really good games indeed.

In KDU, there is only one game... Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II.

LOTR: BFME2 is a strategy game based on the LoTR trilogy saga. There are 6 factions you can use, ranging from Legolas in Elves, Aragorn from Men, right to Sauron from Mordor. My favourite faction is ISENGARD! My KDU buddies and I were loyal fans to this game. We had Player VS Computer (PVC) and PVP matches. With a wide variety of factions, units, special powers and strategies, this is one game I will always remember... because it built friendship and companionship between me and them...

Do I play any musical/rhythm video games, such as O2Jam? Well, not O2Jam, but Stepmania.

Stepmania is an open source and cross-platform rhythm video game and engine. It is a PC version from the famous DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). I could play difficult levels after playing it for 3 months, so I picked up the skills very fast for this game. This is the ONLY game that'll make my friends say "Holy Shit! What the F*ck is that? That is impossible! How did you do it?!?!" while I'm playing in front of them and Stepmania actually boosts my confidence in gaming. Haha, curious of my abilities in Stepmania? If you have the chance, watch me play it and be amazed. ^^ Oh, if you have the skill and feel doubtful, you can challenge me too if you want. =D Stepmania is a free software!! Download Stepmania right here!!

In Perth, I stumbled upon this game called Adventure Quest Worlds.

AQW is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) flash game and it is slowing getting attention to more people around the world. Because it's a flash game, it does not require much computer memory, so although there are thousands of people playing at the same time, your computer performance won't be affected. =) I'm also hooked up on this game because it updates real frequently. If you are interested, you can check out the Adventure Quest Worlds website here. It's quite addictive really. XD

Never heard of the games above before? No worries, I still play some games that you all play, from a popular social networking site.... Facebook! Pet Society, Typing Maniac, Word Challenge, you name it all.

Years ago, I got addicted in playing computer games. I rarely had the chance to play other game consoles, such as PSP or NDS or X-Box and I don't have any of them, so computer is my only companion in gaming. The reason people chose to play games is, well, for the fun of it of course. There no more other reasons why we play games, it's just for entertainment purposes, nothing else, right?

Actually, there are.

Come to think of it, after being here in Perth, I started to wonder why do I always lock myself up in my room just to play games. When I was a boy, I played games for the rush of excitement, the sweet taste of victory when you defeat the last boss... YEAH! That tastes good!!! Throughout the years, I only play when I have nothing else to do (or when I'm slacking). Usually I play to follow the storyline. But right now, I just feel that - the reason is no longer any of the above anymore.

I'm escaping from reality.

It was really hard for me to admit the fact that I'm growing up - fast. Everything just happened so abruptly till I rarely had the chance to catch my breath. Within 3 months, I had been transferred to Perth, all my thoughts about spending my time in KL flushed right into the drain.

I have a girlfriend that really changed my life, she made me realize what true love is and because of her, all my worries and insecurity were gone. But not more than 2 months being with her I had to go to Perth and start a long distance relationship immediately. Now, to be able to meet each other, the time interval is not within hours or days, but months...

I had real understanding buddies, they are the ones that truly touched me and made me realize who I really am. They are the ones who supported me right to the end and gave me the opportunity to be Roxanne's boyfriend. They are the ones who taught me what real friendship is and how to maintain it. I owe to them a lot, but I had to go to Perth, leaving all my friends there. Even though there are online advantages, but there are feelings that no comments can express, emotions that no texts can show...

Of course, my family's financial issues. The currency here in Perth is almost 3 times the currency in Malaysia. They have a really heavy burden on their shoulders just to send me to Perth. I can't ignore the fact and keep spending money like using water anymore. I have to start finding part-time jobs to get expenses for my own.

All these new facts and responsibilities rushing right into my brain in one go, it really is a heavy burden for me to bear. Everything just - happened so quick for me. I wasn't fully prepared to face any of these. I'm growing up too soon.

That's why I keep playing games - to slow down the growing process, to recall those happy naive memories... to get my mind off the burden...

To escape.

Believe me, it is not easy. I called up the best adviser in the world to me, my dear mum. She chuckled on the phone when I told her my problem. She just told me this:

" Jonathan, you are thrown onto a fast lane, because you can drive fast. Growing up fast is a good thing! Time passes whether you want it to or not, you might as well accept the facts earlier and PREPARE sooner! You know in your heart that you can do it. =)"

I was once again amazed and gratified to her - my best advisor in the world.

So guys, listen up. You can't hide from your problems forever. The road is straight, it's far better to look ahead than looking behind you. What problems are you having right now? Ugly appearance? Bad friends? Loneliness? Family issues? Whatever the problem is, it doesn't matter. God placed you in that situation because He believes that you can deal with it. You're in that position because you have the power inside of you that can cope with the situation and stand out strong! Come on, you believe in yourself right? Now, get up, stop thinking negative and rise up to the challenges - because YOU can do it!! I will start thinking optimistically from now on! Wish me luck!

Before I end this post, do me a favour. For those reading this blog, I would really appreciate it if you could at least post a comment, to share your feelings about this, or maybe just to say 'hi' and encourage me. The comments will really mean a lot to me. ^^ If you would like to post a comment but don't have a Google account, just click on Comments ---> Name/URL. Typing your name will do, you need not type anything in the URL. Thank you very much~

Finally, my last piece of advice! I'm not gonna tell you to stop playing games or doing whatever you like to do. Just remember: 'Whatever you do or play, be sure it's not an act of hiding yourself from reality.'


Monday, September 21, 2009

I learnt a lesson

I finally got the answer to the blog post below. ^^

It was 2 weeks ago, when I went to my mum's friend's place and met this Singaporean teacher. His name is Chris, married and has many years of teaching experience. We had a conversation and I started telling him about my difficulties in triggering my study mode back to ACTIVE instead of DEACTIVATED. That was also when I learnt that he was a lecturer himself. XD

He told me, "You cannot just rely on your interests and motivation in order for you to study! As a student, studying is YOUR JOB!"

I was struck. So it's my job... Maybe I knew this all along, but i just needed the right person to tell me. Haha, that always happen to me. =p

He suggested me to GO TO CLASS NO MATTER WHAT. He taught me something that I think I should share it with all of ya:

"You cannot choose to skip class just because you think you don't believe what will be taught to you. Going to class helps you understand the keywords and the main points to the current chapter you're learning at that day. Come on, nobody expects you to understand everything or the whole chapter in just 1-2 hours!!!"

"SELF-READING is the most crucial part of studying. It's all about exploring and understanding it by yourself. The teachers/lecturers/tutors/instructors are just there to guide you. In the end, it's all up to yourself."

Don't worry, mum, dad, sis, Roxy and my dear friends. I have finally understood the importance of studying. (I can't believe I only knew it until this very day. >__<) My study mode is triggered back to life! From now on, if I want to study, I believe I can MAKE me study for real. Yay! ^^

However, my study mode now is like all of you - STANDBY because I'm lazy at the moment. =p

Next blog coming up - the reason why I play computer games!!! Be sure to check back in, that is going to be a good post. =)

Oh by the way, is the song in my blog nice? Give me some opinions plz~~~

Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm no longer in any study mood now. I'm slowly neglecting my studies.

Every week, I have 11 hours of class.

I skipped 8 hours this week.

I just lost my motivation to study or revise. I did not have this problem in KDU. Ever since I came to Perth, interacting with Australian teaching methods for the first time, hardly able to figure out what the lecturer is teaching, unable to ask any questions due to other students' intelligence-discrimination, my confusions on my studies accumulated.

Since I don't know a word about what I'm hearing, there's no point to attend the lecture. I should revise daily but the 'OHM' just isn't there.

As a result, I lost interest in my studies.

I understand that I cannot neglect the hopes and wishes of my dear family and friends. I promised that I would work hard.

But I just need the motivation. The 'OHM' to excite me and trigger my study mode back to life. Without that, I will have no interest in revising, neither would I have any passion.

Where is the inspiration? Where is the motivation?

Maybe I should stop playing games. That's a good start actually. =D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's a scenery for me, it's my view to it.

For those concerned, I am living a happy and enjoyable life in Perth. These are the friends and places I've been with them.

I admit that I still have some problems with my social skills. However, I'm learning. Finally, I was able to do something that I always wanted to do ever since I was a kid.

And them.

The picture below is a guy in front of a lantern tree. It was a Moon Cake Festival celebration. One month in advance.

Finally, after taking so many pictures, the reality struck me.


Although life has been better as time goes by, my heart has been uneasier with every passing day. For some reasons, I'm becoming stupidier, more lack of knowledge... the feeling of being a spoilt brat increases with every lack of understanding in me. Why was I so engrossed in my own world without knowing the outside world? How much more things that I don't know about out there? Was I meant to feel like this by coming to Perth? Was it meant for me to start being a man at Perth?

Coming to Perth...... it seems......


It's time to start back from zero and work hard to the top!!! Find my true self!!!

I have the inspiration... now I need motivation!!! Give me motivation, world!!!!