Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Imagine a millennium turtle swimming in the ocean. Every 100 years, it will pop up its head out of the ocean to look at the sky. There is no telling where will the turtle pops its head out at. After that, the turtle will sink back and swim deep down. It will emerge and pop its head out again after 100 years.

Imagine a square-shaped wooden plank floating in the ocean. Right at the center of the wooden plank is a circular hole, big enough for a leg to go through. It floats all around the ocean, drifting pass Australia, Antarctica, Greenland, etc. It keeps drifting.

Now, after a 100 years, the turtle re-emerges to the surface and pops out its head. At that exact same moment, the turtle popped its head right through the hole of the wooden plank, in the middle of the vast ocean.

Too much of a coincidence, you say? That is exactly what I was in.

I just came back from a party yesterday. A lot of things happened and its coincidence is just... too great to be described in words. Being at a place like that just makes you want to cry for joy. No, I am not exaggerating. If you were there, I am sure you will as well. You don't have to know what has happened in the party - words cannot finish the entire story and event. But all I can tell is - that night was full of coincidences, so great, so true, that you do not want it to end. Everyone was so happy, the positive atmosphere was so strong.

After some positive synchronizing, I came to a temporary conclusion about my life.

"I have learnt and realized a lot......
......but there is so much more to learn and realize..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We were pranked.

Good morning everybody! It really is rare for me to upload a blog post, but I realized this is something worth sharing, so here you go.

It was around 2.40am in the morning on this day (15/5/2010), at that time, I was in my friend's flat , Ismail's flat to be exact, chatting with my friends. For your info, the flat is downstairs and the room door i was in with 2 of my friends were wide open. All of a sudden, we heard a very loud hissing noise outside the room. Then, we saw black gas pouring in into the corridor and right into our room. We were all shocked and surprised. My friend, Pravish, acted on instinct and immediately slammed the room door shut. That was very wise of him to do so. Because we would not know whether the black gas is poisonous or not. The hissing kept going on. Perhaps when my friend slammed the door, the hissing stopped. Pravish and I immediately bolted out of the room to the living room. We saw a fire extinguisher on the ground.

I didn't manage to take a photo of it, so I give you this Google-Imaged file that looks just like the one we saw. So that is what made the black gas and the hissing sound. That's strange, I don't recall my friends having a fire extinguisher in their flats.

We noticed that the sliding door was wide open. We ran out of the flat right to the parking lot outside the flat. We saw 2 guys carrying a set of fire extinguishers, pulling them out of a vehicle's boot and running away. We were able to catch them, beat them up and give them a piece of our minds for real. They will pay for this! We will hunt them down, spray the fire extinguisher all over their freaking faces and let them eat our poop!

Nah, you all know I'm not that evil.

We decided to let them go. There really is no point to cause harm to ourselves (and to our friends) by provoking them to come over. After everyone recovered from the shock, another friend of mine called security. We explained the incident as detailed as possible. Unfortunately, we don't remember which vehicle did they take out the set from. Otherwise we might be able to provide more details. While security was inspecting the vehicles, I actually checked and see for any sign or evidence that they had left.

Too much forensics for me. xD

We headed back to Ismail's flat, had a talk about it, and realized that we did not lock the sliding door. That explains why the pranksters were able to get in the flat and spray the fire extinguisher. You do realize that I mentioned 'pranksters'. Yes, it is very obvious that we were pranked. No one got hurt, no one was still under shock, nothing was lost, so let them go. They mean no harm, just trying to make a prank with us, I see no need to take revenge or kick their asses next time. Besides, it's our fault for not locking the sliding door.

Moral of the story?

Lock the god-damn door!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, if you're seeing this blog post, the first thing you should know is that I am currently synchronizing.

If you would be so damn free to check my Facebook status (or MSN personal message), you would realize that I would type "Jonathan Wjy is synchronizing." I am trying very hard to catch up with reality and the truth. To cope up with my overloading stress, both physically and mentally. To understand and try to adapt myself to my environment and reality itself. To have some time to recover from any mental breakdown I might have.

To tell that... I am... at that moment... mentally weak.

I always have a rule in Facebook, or in anything I chat, type or write. I will never, no matter what, never tell other people about my problems and issues, neither would I complain or piss off in the statuses or nicknames I have. I know other people who see this won't feel good and due to that, I might upset them. Besides, it really is inappropriate to upset others because we are ourselves, right? With words like "I am suffering" or "I am dying" or "I lost myself", these words will do nothing but keep people worried like shit now, isn't that true? That's why I'll never do that, and whatever you say, I still won't.

Because, after all, it is my fault every time this happens, so being in this current state and I deserve that. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm currently very challenged with one of my units and I have issues with people recommending flowers for me to pick. I want to announce that I will not pick a single flower at all and I will do whatever it takes - to get through my studies and my unit. For the last 7 months of my degree.

I will resume my assignment after typing this.

Now, I am synchronizing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing much but updates

I have nothing but updates now... having 5 assignments due in two weeks... let's see... hmm...

A summary report due this Friday.

2 reports due this sunday. One a summary and the other a report to be fought in a law court.

1 research essay due next Friday.

One freaking JAVA GUI program due next Friday as well. OH GOD. This assignment drives me nuts.

So, basically that's it. Recently, due to my assignment chain, I had been hanging out with a bunch of really crazy and abnormal friends. But they're cool and won't affect me doing my assignment. After all, when you're concentrating, nothing will bother you whatsoever. =)

Going to Caversham this Saturday again, must finish the 3 assignments before heading there! Good luck to all my friends having assignments, projects and exams! May's gonna be a tough month, but after the sour comes the sweet, so let's stay strong and give those freedom-killers a piece of our minds! >:)