Monday, October 17, 2011

Follow the Heart

Sometimes, the heart resonates with you in a way that you've never felt before... in a way... that you don't even know how to express it... it seems like no words, actions or emotions can express the way your heart speaks to you.

Have you ever wondered... what the heart is?

Have you ever asked yourself, what does it mean when people say, "Follow your heart"?

The heart, with or without you noticing, have always been there, sending signals to you, channeling its essence to your entire body, showing you the way and leading you in the right direction. Even though no one is there for you, your heart will always be there for you.

But how do we know that the signals we receive are the right ones, but not those that has been modified? Why is it that sometimes when we believe that what we feel is what the heart is trying to tell us and we follow it, leading us to grief, sorrow and regret for the decisions we make?

What is the heart trying to tell us? Where is the heart trying to lead us? What is it actually trying to say? Why are we getting the wrong message all the time?

What is the heart? What is it made of? Is the heart based on emotions?? Or is the heard based on thoughts? How do we know whether our instincts are right or wrong? How do we connect to our heart the right way and not misunderstanding it?

The heart... is an essence filled with love.

The heart does not tell us to follow our emotions all the time, but take time to think rationally about the decisions we are about to make.

Emotions tell us to chase after that guy/girl we are so crazy about. The heart tells us that being his/her partner is not the only way we can show our love to him/her.

Logic tells us to protect ourselves in the society and be firm so that no one will step over you or harm you. The heart tells us that there are many people in the society who are afraid or being stepped on and we should show our love to him/her to take the fear away.

Where does all the love and energy come from? Where does the heart come from? How did it become part of us? How did this source of love exist in each and every one of us? How does the heart know/feel/believe so many things, so many... right things? How do we know that we have really 'followed our heart'? How do we connect with our heart?

Aren't these answers that we should find out for ourselves?

Isn't this... why we are here for? =)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The first few pages

My life is going great with each passing day. I meet new friends, new responsibilites, new experiences and more. I was occupied in writing down stuffs after stuffs into my book, going page after page, wanting to write more and more. I can't wait to see how the next page is going to be! I will keep writing!

Somehow, all of a sudden, my bold pen broke down. I have nothing to write on my book now. At this very moment, I felt.

This is not my style of writing.

I don't feel... myself walking through the pages.

Flipping through my life book, looking at the front pages, I asked myself, "Is this me? Is this who I am? Am I writing my real self into this book?" No... something is missing... someone is missing...

I am missing.

Where am I now? From which page did I start to leave myself behind?

Have you been calling me all the time? Have I been too busy writing the next pages ahead, until I hardly even take notice of you? Have I been neglecting you all these times, deceiving myself that I am who I am, when you're far behind crying out your heart for me to hear your voice?

Have I been rejecting you into my life?

I have not been honest with myself, with my feelings, with my guts, with my confidence. Where were all these, that I used to have before? Why are they gone? Is it because they have all been left behind, at a page behind me? Am I shaping myself into something I'm not?

"Leave everything to the Universe and let the Universe decide our path ahead." Have I been taking that as an excuse to cover up the fact that I'm scared of rejection and I fear taking risks?

This song seeps into me so much. No, it's not the name of the song that matters. It's just... the flow.

The flow that takes me back... to what I've written...

No matter. It ends as soon as it is realized. I'm sorry for leaving you behind. Now, I already got something to write on the book now. Time for me to continue writing my book.

This time, with myself.

Thank you for the pencil you have kept for me all these times.

Monday, November 22, 2010

什么都没有, 也没有放弃的念头

It has been a ride.

In some parts of life, among all those business, hard work, efforts, tears, appreciation, friendship... passing through the ebbs and flows, staring up ahead, you see more waves waiting for you to surpass them.

You look down. Although the waves are strong and keep pushing you back, but the water is cool, sometimes cold, sometimes warm. When it is clear, you can see fishes. The waters are welcoming, although is it difficult to fight against the waves, but something deep down you makes you feel... peaceful.

Looking besides, you see more people, side by side with you, pushing through the waves together. If there is something they don't have, it is the thought of giving up. They motivate you. Inspire you. Making you realize that you can't give up and you must do your best to strive forwards.

You look back. You stare at the shore far behind you. Although there is a long way to go up ahead, by staring at the distance between you and the shore, you can't believe how far you have been, how much you have grown, how strong you have become. From a child, not wanting to cross the ocean, until now, YOU, swimming across the ocean with style.

When the waters are unclear, when the waves ahead of you looks gigantic and seem impossible to surpass, when you can no longer see any island or shore, when you don't see anyone else besides you, when you are about to give up...

Look up to the sky.

There is still hope.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010






The next 3 words...

Are just not enough to describe...

This feeling.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The other side of the field

This side of the field is comfortable. The grass is green, the area is wide and there's nothing much to worry about. All you can do is lie down on the grass and stare at the blue sky, sharing the same bright sun.

You thought that the field is all green, cozy and warm.

Little did you know, that the other side of the field, across the river dividing the field...

Is burning.

Here, enjoying the green grass and not being able to go back, swim across the river and help the other side of the field...

Actually... hurts.

I pray for my family and friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010


When you look out at the window for the first time in your life, you will feel curious, excited and scared at the same time.

We feel curious because there is a world of so much amazing things out there waiting for us to feel, to experience and to be with.

We feel excited because there is a world of opportunities beyond that window for us to grasp and strive forwards.

We feel scared because there is a world of uncertainties beyond that window for us to tackle and fall backwards.

People who walked out of that door into the world seen through the window were never seen coming back into the house ever again. Once they stepped out of the house, their world no longer lies within the barriers of windows and doors, but beyond.

Some people walk their new world with pride and joy. Some kneel down, hands covering their faces. Some pray to walk back into the house. No matter what you do, your world has changed once you stepped out of that door. It is up to you on how to face your new world - either with excitement, caution or fear.

Doors will open. New steps will surface. Futures will build. Goals will set. True selves will form. Lives will change.

And here I am, staring out from the window in my room...

Waiting for my turn...

To step out of that door.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Sometimes it really makes you wonder why does it rain. When you look above the sky, you see raindrops falling down, slowly landing upon the fields. Rain usually makes you wander off into your thoughts and sometimes, you get lost in it. The rain symbolizes peace, serenity and gentle touches from Heaven.

Yet, it also symbolizes sadness, cloudiness, tears from Heaven. It gives people a mixture of feelings. It gives a smile and welcoming arms to those who love rain and the cool weather it brings us. It also tunes down our mood and gives a sense of loneliness deep down ourselves, spreading a colour of blue on our emotions.

The rain describes both hope and grief.

Tears from the sky could come from both joy and sadness.

Does it rain for a reason? Is it trying to tell us something? Or rather, it is just another amazing creation of the Creator in the Universe?

As this makes you wonder and wander lost in thoughts, the raindrops keep falling...