Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You'll realize that life is always busy if you stop procrastinating.

Anyway, it's been a while guys! How are your studies going lately? Any interesting updates in your life? Or anything sad? Whatsoever, be in mind that these are all just experiences in daily life. Don't be depressed over the sad issues and don't get too cocky over the happy issues. There is always something to learn from something, that is what makes life meaningful. =)

Once again, I thank all of you out there for supporting my first DotA video ever. Whether you know DotA or not, thanks for your support. It was really a success, well, just in my social network circle, not outside yet. XD But seriously, your comments and likes are much appreciated. Really motivates me to make more videos. However, with the loads of assignments coming up, hopefully I can. Haha! For those of you who haven't seen the video I made for my clan, you can either find it in my Facebook profile, or check out this YouTube link:

Oh by the way, I woke up at 4am to get one of my assignments done and i'm still doing it, hence the time this blog is created. Feeling very tired, but I have to be strong, because there will be more days as busy as the days I had last week till now. Must survive till the end!

Still thinking a lot about life and its philosophies. I heard a lot from my friends and family and some strangers as well. Really hope to understand them and share it with people who need it. Till today, I always believe these:

- Everything happens for a reason.

- There is always a good side of things.

- If you have troubles and are worried about them, you're not being optimistic even if you say you are.

- It is good not to give up in life no matter what, however we must know our limits and the current situation instead of ramming head straight to layers of walls. That applies to love, specifically to love.

Will share more if the time comes. Well now, off to complete my assignment. Wish me luck and I wish you luck in whatever you're fighting for! GOOD LUCK! ^^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello readers! I'm updated this blog today to make an announcement.

My clan, Clan AoS and I finally got our first DotA video ever, all played, edited and created by ourselves! Of course, we can't compete with all the other DotA video players and video editors world wide - they have way more experiences than us. However, we have no intention in winning anyone. This video is made specially as a tribute for all my dear KDU friends whom I spent time with together while in KL and has no means in competing with other DotA videos. You'll notice that most of the scenes are from AI scenes. That is to show that we all began playing DotA with AIs as our opponents. This is to mark the start of our journey to the DotA world, as we had decided that if we are to have another video, we will not have any more AI scenes within the video. So do not have any prejudice towards our video just because our opponents are computers or bots. Enjoy the ride and you'll enjoy the video. ^^

Our video - DotA: Ace Of Spades - will be uploaded Facebook-wide on 7th April, 2010, 9PM. Be sure to check out our video and give us your honest feedback.

Very well then, Ace of Spades, Coming Soon!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some updates

Hello everyone! It's funny to know why every time when I update my blog, many people knows about it and they'll come check my blog. That's really nice of you all. Until this day, I thank you all for dropping by my blog, it means a lot to me.

Anyway, here are some updates.

- Easter Break is starting! From 2nd April (yesterday) till 5th April! My study break is starting too! From 5th April till 11th April! A long holiday this time! =D But well, should start focusing on catching up with my studies, especially JAVA. That assignment also got me killed.

- I'm still staying at the same flat. My new flatmates got pets for themselves. The only female flatmate got herself 2 guinea pigs and 2 birds. One a cockatoo and the other a pudgy. While my flatmate living right in front of my room got himself a ragdoll kitten. Man, his ragdoll kitten is cute! It's so cute, that whoever sees it, will want a piece of Tacho. Oh yeah, that's his name. So yeah, my flat is half a pet store now. XD

- Currently working on a DotA video - 'DotA: Ace Of Spades' - in tribute to all those who played DotA with me during my KDU times. So for any DotA fans out there, if my video comes out, be sure to support. =) I'll put the video on Facebook, not on YouTube. However, due to my studies and problem catching up, I doubt I'll be making another video after the first...

- Just realized that I dislike arguments, complaints, whines and such. They're all not good for the ear and the heart. It just creates distance between people. That includes those statuses on Facebook.

- I don't think I'll type any more sentiment posts for now. Too much of those aren't good as well. ^^ So if you want updates from me, just come back from time to time. =D

- Me? A party guy? Nah, I'm not that kind of guy anymore. Last semester, yeah, I lost myself to gaining attention. Now, nah. XD

- I still don't drink and smoke or 'screw' around.

- So basically, I'm still me. The only difference is that I gained more perspectives in life, that's all, like everyone else. Still a crazy person, still fooling around, still being fooled at, still me!!

That's it for now! I got one more assignment to attend to. Looking forwards to my study break. =| <--- is the most neutral expression of all times. Right in between =) and =(. Haha! Till then everybody!!