Monday, June 22, 2009


If that day is not a 'memorable and unforgetable day', I don't know what is.

june 19th, 2009 was the day I was relieved from being a KDU student. Yep, I returned my KDU card to them for my refund. But I felt, no, i FEEL nothing. Why? Ahaha... please don't let me repeat my story.... XD

Asides of that, today is the day where some good friends and I go for a happy outing at Sunway Pyramid!! I was so looking forwards to our outing! At first we planned to have a swim in Sunway Lagoon, but it just didn't worked out, so we chose to hang around at the pyramid instead. Damn, we took so many pictures. Here's some of them. =)

The guys - Mako, Sharmaan, me, Peshvin, Ian

The girls - YiQian, ShuiZhen, Roxanne, Kimberly

My 'family'... Son, daughter, wife and me. =)

He got the most attention while wearing the sunglasses. Meet Ian the Great.

Roxy and I. Sweet picture. Haha.

Kimberly & Mako - a cute couple

It was a really really fun day! Although we didn't do much, but we were so happy being together. While we arrived, we were so busy taking pictures throughout the whole morning. XD

After our lunch at Secret Recipe, we decided to go to Red Box and sing the hell out of our lungs. Well, damn, we really did do that. ^^ Whatever song that you can think of that'll rock the place, you have it right in our song-list. A Little Too Not Over You? Check Yes Juliet? Where is the Love? Yup, all there. =)

We went totally crazy in the box. Sup dawg! Plenty of DJs in the house!
As the saying goes: "A picture paints a thousand words." So I won't start telling a story which will make this blog into an unnecessary length, so enjoy the pictures and more on my Facebook profile.

haha... check out that guy behind... singing so fully-emotionally... XD

Haha... Ian's really enjoying himself out there....

Beat-boxing Team!!

We rock!!! Ya-ha!!!!!

In the end, before we head home, I gave a short speech about the day and my wishes to them. Look at me. It's as if i'm gonna cry. Hahaha! But actually not. =)

Frankly speaking, I am happy that I enjoyed myself on that day and I am happier that they enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Thank you guys, for such a wonderful day! I'll miss you guys when I get to Perth! And I... I...

Haha, let's not get to that, shall we? I'll be making another post about you guys later on before I leave. So, be sure to check back often!! ^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009



我刚刚看完了我姐姐的博客, 现在心里有点不好受的. 智勇, 你已经20岁了, 不再是以前那个不会照顾自己, 不会独立的男人了. 读完书之后, 你将会开始学习赚钱, 创造一个家庭, 成为一个成功的男人, 丈夫, 爸爸...



我现在终于知道为什么那么多人这么不想长大了. 随着年龄的增加, 需要烦恼的事情更多, 需要的私人空间也会随之减少. 现在, 当我一开始想到我的未来时, 我会很害怕, 也很有恐惧感. 未来是多么的难于预测, 难于形容. 我很喜欢现在的我. 过着无忧无虑的生活, 有一位非常棒的女朋友在身边, 有这么多好朋友... 我们大家都知道啦, 无论如何, 我必须飞去澳洲继续我的degree. 但是, 当我读完书了, 一年半过后的生活会变得怎样? 很精彩? 很悲观? 很糟糕? 这些种种的可能性, 让我很害怕, 我很怕到时候我不能接受. 不过, 我很清楚知道: 读完degree之后, 一切都会变. 当时的我, 只能够一直想要如何找到一份工作, 赚很多钱, 等等. 总之, 一定不会想以前这样无忧无虑,自由自在了...

现在, 有很多事情在困扰着我, 不过算了吧~ 这始终都是人生的考验, 一定要接受, 一定要通过. 不管我多么的任性, 不要接受这种事实都好, 人都还是要长大的. It's inevitable. 想那么多是没用的啦, 让自己难受而已. 哈哈, 这句话在这种时候讲, 很矛盾吧? XD

We cannot predict the future, but we can control what we have and what we are NOW. So, I intend to do the best out of all these. Appreciate the present and keep fighting for the future!! ^^

好了, 心情好了一下, 回去读书了.

Monday, June 1, 2009


For once, I feel like trying double-spacing.... Hehe....makes my blog readable I suppose... XDFor the smart ones who highlight first.... read the black fonts first please... Hehe.... I'm so cheeky, ain't I? ^^
Hi guys!! Once again another happy day awaits me! Ok, maybe not 'that' happy. Hehe.
Despite the current joy, happiness and bliss I am in right now with a person that changed my life...
MY intensive classes are starting again, from June 1 - June 12 (I think), from 9am - 5pm.
Despite this sudden warm feeling I have for knowing that I have such nice friends...
Haha, don't get shocked, I got used to this already.
Despite the anticipation of the day where my KDU friends and I roam at Sunway Lagoon......
And we don't go on straight for 8 hours, the instructor (from Perth) and us will always go down to the cafeteria for lunch. ^^
Amidst all these memorable experiences, deep down our hearts, we all know that the days to my flight is counting...
My birthday? Hahaha, I still can't stop thinking about it right now.... I admit it's one of the best I've ever had...
To me, for once...
We (just the 2 of us) went To Lake Gardens in KL to feel the wonderful nature.
Maybe for the very first time in my life that I'll say something like this...
So what? I'm not going to those high-class or fancy places just for my birthday! I prefer the nature, since I love it from the start, like her. ^^
To those who truly made me understood how it feels to love and care for one another...
We went to many places mainly Deer Farm & Bird Park. It was a wonderful experience indeed!
To those who truly made me understood how important friends are asides from the flows of reality...
But erm... I can't make any posts about this right now, because Ms. Roxanne is having all the pictures with her, so either I can direct her blog link to you, or wait till the pictures reach me, and both of us will write a blog about it. =D
To those who gave me memories no brainwash could erase...
Ok then, after typing this blog, I'm back to my studies... one freaking Murdoch exam coming tomorrow... wish me luck!!!
Nothing changes the fact even though I say so, but I must....
Hmm... why I put the topic as 'Amidst'? I dunno... go google it and find out... =p
I just...... don't want to...