Thursday, February 25, 2010


I still could not understand before. Doesn't playing computer games make you happy? Doesn't going to karaokes or clubbing makes us forget about our worries and make us happy? Why when all these are over, we'll lose this happy feeling?

I would like to thank a special friend, for motivated me to embark on a journey to seek true happiness and answers to all those never-ending confusions.


All of my questions are finally answered.

All my negativities, all my doubts, all my confusions, even questions about the world - all gone!

I can't believe how idiotic I was, trying to make clear of what's happening about the world and around me, when I was supposed to identify my priorities, understand what is important and what I should do.

I don't know how to write the answers down... they're too great and impossible to be written in words.

But once I applied these answers to my daily life.... I will keep doing so, each and every day of my life. Once I succeed, which I believe it's a matter of time, I will share this with my parents, friends and everyone else out there who needs it.

I will. I really...... will.

其实大家 - 都是一家人......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The glass is half full.

Hello dear readers and friends!!! At last, a publicized blog update! Happy Chinese New Year 2010!! Year of the Tiger is here now, so best luck for business, studies and everything else!! To some other friends of mine, Happy Valentine's Day!! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Charles Kwong. =)

Time flies without warning, without stopping. Within a few days, I'll be flying back to Perth. I will be reaching the village at 20th February. I read a lot, learnt a lot, thought a lot, realized a lot. I cannot look at the world like I'd did before. The world has never been a depressing place to live in. It is me - who feels depressed over the world - which is completely unnecessary. As long as I think things the optimistic side and do my best, things will always work out. Many may not believe in this, but I really do.

I have been living a life full of complicating thoughts ever since I joined Prefect Board. I find myself a 'philosopher', also an idiot. Sometimes things are not as complicated as it seems. Thanks to my mum, my best advisor, I have finally 'converted' myself from 'complicated' to 'simple'. Be in mind, there is a big difference between (1) "Being 'simple' all the time" and (2) "Changing oneself to becoming simple from complicated". I'm glad I had conquered my thoughts and become a better person. =D

My house, my room, my keyboard, my mum's office, Centrepoint, City Mall cyber, CyberX, E-City, Tanjung Aru beach, Bukit Padang, my school, my 2nd family, my dear friends, my sister, my mum and my dad.... They will all once again leave my life for the next one year.

Once again, this strong bond I had with me beloved hometown is detached, sending me off to Perth. This long lost feeling of warmth, familiarity and bliss, will once again be absent - until the next time I return, which till now I still do not know when.

The peace at mind and joyful times from my dearest friends, the bullying of my sister, the stern advices and strict voice of my dad, the funny nagging and warm hugs from my mum, the warm feeling of being home and secured - will all be absent - till the day I return.

But this is my life. It is a giant milestone and challenge for me to learn how to be independent. I have to go, and I will go back to Perth. I'll miss all of Sabah, I won't cry or shed a tear while I leave my family, boarding the airplane....

*whisper* Then I'll cry like hell on the plane. *whisper*

Haha! Right now, I don't want to think so much! Gonna enjoy the last days of being in Sabah! Live it as meaningful as possible! Then when I get back to Perth, GET READY PERTH!

Happy Chinese New Year once again, everybody!! ^^

I, thank you for your time. Now run along and celebrate CNY now. =D

Monday, February 1, 2010

February arises...

It has been so long, but I'm back here now.

I'm really thankful that I've went back to my hometown. I understood, learnt and realized a lot about a lot of things - my friends, my future, the world... and even myself.

There was once whereby I did a few stuffs that I'm not so proud of. But as far as life is concerned, there's no turning back. So, I gotta face the facts and live a happy person from now on. Being happy on the outside is insufficient. One must be happy on the inside or else the happiness shown outside will not seem true.

Don't worry! I'm still the same JY you guys know all along. It's just a mentality change and the fact that I looked through the negativities of life itself and am currently finding a way to change it.

Will be going back to Perth at 18th February. I miss Perth, but I'm gonna miss Malaysia.