Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My trip back home through KLIA.

Good day people! I know this is outdated, but this one post is about my trip back to my hometown through KLIA. Yup, that's right. KLIA. Well, my dad succeeded in booking a Zero Fare ticket from MAS, so for both to and back flights, we only need to pay RM240. That's all. And yes, it IS far more cheaper. And NO, don't ever think about comparing that price with AirAsia. D= So anyway, at the moment, I was at my sister's place. Then I travelled alone and 20-minute-walked from my sister's place to the nearest Komuter station.

Yeah, that's the railroad. I took some random pictures with my newest K550i =) But the pictures will get kinda blurry when i zoom them, so don't mind that. >__<

And yes, that's the train I'm after. You don't want me to go take pictures of the train till I miss it.

Then I stood crowded with bunch of people, with my luggage. Thank god I know how to balance a little while on RapidKLs or I'll never have to leave the floor ever again till I reach KL Sentral. Then I reached KL Sentral!

This is a place where we commonly refer to as the main crosspoint or the center of Selangor. People throughout the state that needs to travel to far destinations within the state can come here to buy either LRT tickets, KTM (Komuter) Tickets or even buses to LCCT, also known as the AirAsia airport. But for me, I ain't going for either of those. I'm going for KLIA Express. =D

KLIA Express is a very fast railway-track train going to and fro between KLIA and KL Sentral. With RM35, all you have to do is sit down and relax in KLIA Express and enjoy an approximately 28 minutes ride and you'll be at the airport. Well, that's what the train attendance said everytime while making an announcement. Other than that, you can also check in and get your flight ticket as well as checking in your heavy luggages WITHOUT doing so at the airport. Really convinient indeed if you're in a rush or if you don't want to go into troubles queueing up for your flight ticket.

And worry not, your luggage will be delivered to the airport, transported all the way to your destination for you to claim. So anyway, the KLIA Express section is inside KL Sentral itself, but before I made my way, I noticed something peculiar.

An RTM crew, facing a camera at the entrance of KTM Komuter Station Check.

I waited for quite a while over there, as I thought there would be a celebrity which will pass through any moment. Take note that the 'celebrities' I'm talking about also include political celebrities. I call them that due to my personal reasons, and if I say it out loud here of why I call them so, I'm afraid the police will have to arrest me. I wasted 10 minutes over there, then I figured "Ah forget it, they're not even moving at all!" So I left. Right at that moment, the cameraman changed its position and did this:

After 5 minutes.

After 10 minutes.

lolcameraman. Without any more dilly-dally, I went to the KLIA Express section, compared to most parts of KL Sentral, this place dumb-struck me. It is as beautiful and perfectly designed as the airport itself. I got a feeling as if I'm seeing one of the 7 Wonders in the world. Who could even imagine that such a 'paradise' exist within such a busy filthy-looking KL Sentral? No offence right there, but take a look around. They have stalls too. Even the rooftops are KLIA-designed

Oh, also to add: the KLIA Express ticket you buy as a validity of 1 YEAR. That means that you can use is anytime you want provided it's in the one-year validity. But you can only use it once so the validity doesn't make me happy. =( So I bought my ticket for RM35 and checked in too. This is my airline ticket as proof of a Malaysian Airlines passenger. =)

A seat besides the wing itself. Perfect. No view to see. But at least it's a nice plane this time. ^ ^ I went underground and boarded the KLIA Express. When I enter the train itself, I was once again dumb-struck. The WHOLE train is KLIA-design!!

It seems that EVERYTHING related to KLIA is well designed. So I found myself a seat and when I found myself an open compartment, I smiled. Even the seats are high-class! And they
got themselves a mini-TV for each compartment. Even a fire-hydrant.

Hehe. I feel glazzy suddenly. XD

Then I took out my handphone and started a timer. Don't ask me why I did that for =.= We reached the KLIA Airport! I looked down at my handphone's timer, guess how long's the journey? I got 27:49:35. It's real near to 28 minutes indeed. o.o

Then I took a random picture of the airport - got tired and hungry - got myself 2 burgers from a Burger King in the airport. Believe it or not, I got 2 Plain Cheeseburgers with Bun, Cheese and Mayonnaise only, and it only costed me RM5. See, told ya meals without meat cost less, that's one advantage of being a vegetarian. =D While I was eating, I saw something in my burger which I may not be able to see again in my life. So I took this picture as a memory of this incident. Take a look:


So I took more pictures of KLIA. Then I heard of this place where you view the whole airport, called the Viewing Area.
The Viewing Area is located at the highest floor, or the highest part of the entire KLIA Airport building. From this view surrounded by glass panels, you get to see almost every part of the empty field of the airport. Here, you get to see planes fly and land, see crew members driving to and back in their buggies, and taking some pictures too.

After that, there was like 45 minutes left and I checked in. I almost forgotten my boarding pass at that time. O.O So I got to go to Gate A9. I reached the hallway and looked up. I felt little and small.

Could you see how damn far is A9?!?!

Then I spent my time to take some pictures on the moving escalator and Most of the compartments were empty. Well, not many people board MAS planes these times. I reached my gate compartment - A9. Right at the spot a few feet from A9, my mouth hung wide open.


Plenties of them! So many of them! My relaxation in the plane will never be the same again. D= After some observation, I found out that this batch of red people are actually students and teachers from a Lok Yuk Secondary School BAND and i'm not sure whether they're here to compete or to have a social gathering with other band teams. Talk about pure coincidence. But still, my relaxation in the plane will never be the same again. D=

After a while, the flight attendance announced us to board the plane, I made haste to go into the plane. I took a newspaper, sat on my seat, fasten my seat belt, and enjoyed the temporary cool air-con wind. Then the rest came in the plane. As I watched more and more of them coming in, I realized something. My relaxation in the plane will never be the same again. D= After one last look at KL, the plane took off along with the rest of us, and begun its 2 and a half hours journey to KK. In the plane, I drank many glasses of orange juice. That's one of the best things I like while in a MAS plane. Free food. Most importantly, unlimited orange juice supply. XD

After a long while, the plane made its way back to KK. Oh, before that, let me put in the other pictures I took.

Such amazing KLIA pictures, aren't they? But actually, they are NOT. Wanna know what pictures are those? That's right. From our very own KOTA KINABALU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Just imagine how much the airport has developed. I am really amazed.
Then, after I got all my stuffs and luggages, I left the airport to the parking lot. I saw my Mum's old White Isuzu, I got in the car and the first thing I received is a warm welcome and a gentle stroke on my right cheek. While regaining a long lost warm fuzzy feeling, something comes through my mind clear - I'm home. =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first blog ever.

So guys! People! What's up!

Finally, I will be making this one blog in bloggers.com, rather than MSN Space where almost no one will go see it XD

I know there's another new blog coming in along with mine. I believe they came in earlier than me but no matter! It's a blog of the lives of this one couple: Hong Ming and Peta Charmaine. You can get the access link to their blog here:


Anyway, I'll be releasing this blog link of mine to as many friends as I can find. Sooner later, I'll start blogging like those bloggers out there. I don't intend to compete with them to be the best. Bloggers who compete among each other are only people who compete their lives among each other. So I won't do that. This blog is only for me to remember how i felt and how i reacted during my pastime. This blog may get noisy, hot, silent or cold, but one thing for sure: I'll keep blogging.

So, you can access my blog through this link:


And everyone can reply. So, I'll be posting a new blog within these days. See ya guys till then!