Thursday, November 27, 2008

For good and for bad.

I finally finished my exams! I'm one free guy once again! But amidst all these happiness, something bad happened.

My computer broke down.

Seriously. I have no freaking idea what happened. Well, didn't really break down actually. But I lost all, as in ALL of my control on anything on my lappy referring to NETWORK issues. That's right. I can't connect to any network because the network functions had malfunctioned, hence, I can't go online. Unable to access to the Internet is already a terrible issue, as everyone knows. To make things worse, I can't even enable or disable my FireWall and my Windows Update. Everything about network issues can't be controlled at all. And the screen above indicates another problem. My Windows Registry is corrupted and all the System Restore save points already had the problems in them. So everything I do is useless unless I perform a reformat, which is something I WILL NOT DO. I wanna find out the main problem. Remember my friends, when your computer breaks down, by formatting it, you're only escaping from the problem. Yes indeed, it makes your computer go back to normal, but still. It's a perfect example similar to eating sleeping pills when you can't sleep.


Without access to the Internet, I can only use the college's computer to go online, which is why I can only type English comments, Roxanne. Worse, I can't access any network at all, so no LAN games for me. To be an offline user, it's okay, but while enjoying the holidays with your friends in the hostel, it's miserable enough to party-poop your mood. =(


But anyway, what the hell. XD I'll still find a way to end my misery. I'll find the true cause and solve it! Besides, my exams are over and there's plenty of time to enjoy myself. ^ ^

Till then guys!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Confronting the exams

As we all know, most of us have our own final exams around the end of November. Including me.

Last week I got another 2 exams. One is a Murdoch (Australian) Degree exam, which is very very hard, kept me quite stressful for the days. And the other is Moral Education, where I didn't put much effort into it but still able to answer all the questions. ^ ^ (except the religion part.) Right now, I got 4 more subjects to tackle. Today (25/11), which is this day I post this blog, despite on the stress right now, is Computer Fundamentals and my favorite subject - Computer Security.

Yeah, I even made my own hand-written notes for that. If you want a copy, I can give you one. XD Well, in this subject, as you can think of the question: "Do you learn about viruses, spywares, hacking and stuff"? Well, to be honest, YES, you are able to learn them, but it's all on the theory part. Plus, it's on the positive side of teaching, so they won't teach you how to create a virus or hack other people's computers. Unfortunately. T.T But well, don't expect much though, it's just theory and words. Anyway, the other 2 are Operating Systems as well as Data Structures & Algorithms, both subjects are also tough, but I believe I can manage them all, even though I'm last-minute studying, just like most of ya.
Well then, not much to be talked about, I just feel like updating my blog during the exams. I know it sounds ignorant to my exams, but who cares anyway except me, if I don't care, who will? Hahaha! I'll go back to KK at 4 dec with my dear sis, but I'll lose contact (as in face-to-face) with all my KDU friends for 2 months till 16 feb 2009. =( Especially this one friend of mine which I believe is hard to find and I should appreciate such a friend at all times. But I heard this friend will be moving out around next year due to some inconvenience. Hope this friend doesn't leave...
Off I go, back to my studies. Good luck in your exams, people! =D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movies I recommend!

Well, as the title suggests, I'll will show you guys 3 movies that I recommend and personally, I think they'll not let you down. But if you're not into some fictions of a movie, I may be proved wrong by you all. But anyway, let's see the three! Ah-ha!

(1) Quarantine

This movie will be shown on the screens in Malaysia at November 20 or November 27, 2008.
"Quarantine" is actually a remake (or a copy) from a movie called [REC] at 2006. This movie is a FPC (First-Person Camera) movie, which means that the movie is made from a person holding the camcorder while recording. So yes, you'll be seeing EXACTLY when the camcorder records. Which includes blur vision, plenty of shaking which may give you headaches. Just take a camera and record while you walk and watch the results. That's what you'll be getting for this movie, except that this person is in her extreme state while recording. XD So if you don't like feeling dizzy while watching, better not watch it.

Anyway, this movie is from a video clip, dated March 11, 2008, recording the events in an apartment complex, Los Angeles. The residents in this apartment was never seen again. A investigating team entered the apartment and lost contact with the outside world. Then, the whole building was quarantined. There was no evidence, no witnesses and not even a single detail about the happenings in the apartment. After a long while, the video clip was found. You wanna know what happened? Go watch it!

(2) The Day the Earth Stood Still

Keanu Reeves is the main character! December 12 2008 is the release date. The Day The Earth Stood Still is a remake movie of the previous one at 1951. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers the world's attention. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor’s appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson get caught up in his mission – and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described “friend to the Earth.” Well, not much is known about this movie, but all I know is this movie is somewhat like a disaster movie, so you'll be able to see many destructions and wars. Men and aliens perhaps. Why I think this movie is good even though I don't know what it's about? I watched the trailer, and it's fantastic to me. Besides, my instincts recommened this show to you all. If you wanna watch the trailer, you can kindly click on this movie's link at the right side of my blog.

(3) The Spirit

This is a movie from LionsGate and you'll be seeing it on the screens on Christmas (25/12/08). I find this movie's summary and contents quite fresh and interesting, although it may seem a little familiar with "Jumper".

It is the story of a former rookie cop who suddenly returns from the dead as, THE SPIRIT to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch enemy THE OCTOPUS, has a different mission: he’s going to wipe out THE SPIRIT’S beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. THE SPIRIT tracks this cold – hearted killer..All the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader. Once again, you can check out the trailer at the right side of my blog. It may not seem as attractive as I explain it to be, but trust me, you'll enjoy this movie. =)


Well, if you are still unsatisfied, I can introduce many of you to watch "Bolt", the superhero dog movie, and "Twilight", a vampire movie. They both can get a lot of warm welcomes as well. Both will be released at November 27, 2008. Actually I don't think there's much awesome movies at the year end, but we'll get to that next year.

So, hope you guys will enjoy the movies I recommend, and I'll be back with an update soon enough. =D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inspired again

So, yes. As you can see from the topic of my blog, for some reasons I'm inspired to revive my blog (like I did but killed it over and over again for my MSN blog >__<) but this time, I'm planning to keep it alive.

You know guys, ever since the day I stepped in college, I really learnt a lot about myself. Compared to the previous me who, well, has a lot of bad qualities, mainly pretending to be smart, cursing a lot (even though I'm still practicing it a little), showing off, and many others you guys can think of since the day we know each other. I always pretend that I'm a secretive guys, hidden in my own deep thoughts. Then I've been thinking. What's the point of doing so? To make people know that I'm smart and special? Well, yes. But now, no.

I won't be acting how I used to be for the last 6 years. I want to be more approachable for other people from now on. Most importantly, I won't pretend to be a know-it-all anymore and say "I don't know" when I really "don't know". Other than that, despite the cruelty of the flow of reality, I may not be able to physically and mentally escape from it, but spiritually, I already have.

With this spirit, I'll continue writing this blog. With much thoughts, I decided to abandon my old blog and keep using this new one. (That blog won't be deleted anyway, it's best kept for remembrance.) With this spirit, I won't be making negative, dark and pessimistic blogs, but making positive, bright and optimistic blogs.

With this spirit, I represent to you all "This One Spot".

Wait for my next blog then! It shall be here around next week.