Monday, November 22, 2010

什么都没有, 也没有放弃的念头

It has been a ride.

In some parts of life, among all those business, hard work, efforts, tears, appreciation, friendship... passing through the ebbs and flows, staring up ahead, you see more waves waiting for you to surpass them.

You look down. Although the waves are strong and keep pushing you back, but the water is cool, sometimes cold, sometimes warm. When it is clear, you can see fishes. The waters are welcoming, although is it difficult to fight against the waves, but something deep down you makes you feel... peaceful.

Looking besides, you see more people, side by side with you, pushing through the waves together. If there is something they don't have, it is the thought of giving up. They motivate you. Inspire you. Making you realize that you can't give up and you must do your best to strive forwards.

You look back. You stare at the shore far behind you. Although there is a long way to go up ahead, by staring at the distance between you and the shore, you can't believe how far you have been, how much you have grown, how strong you have become. From a child, not wanting to cross the ocean, until now, YOU, swimming across the ocean with style.

When the waters are unclear, when the waves ahead of you looks gigantic and seem impossible to surpass, when you can no longer see any island or shore, when you don't see anyone else besides you, when you are about to give up...

Look up to the sky.

There is still hope.


Yuan He said...

bila lu balik here? Starbucks shall be drink while hot ~ :)

Shui Zhen said...

Lao Dou, another nice post ! Jia You (:

yiqian said...

lao dou, long x no contact~
always enjoy reading ur post... keep it up =]