Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first blog ever.

So guys! People! What's up!

Finally, I will be making this one blog in, rather than MSN Space where almost no one will go see it XD

I know there's another new blog coming in along with mine. I believe they came in earlier than me but no matter! It's a blog of the lives of this one couple: Hong Ming and Peta Charmaine. You can get the access link to their blog here:

Anyway, I'll be releasing this blog link of mine to as many friends as I can find. Sooner later, I'll start blogging like those bloggers out there. I don't intend to compete with them to be the best. Bloggers who compete among each other are only people who compete their lives among each other. So I won't do that. This blog is only for me to remember how i felt and how i reacted during my pastime. This blog may get noisy, hot, silent or cold, but one thing for sure: I'll keep blogging.

So, you can access my blog through this link:

And everyone can reply. So, I'll be posting a new blog within these days. See ya guys till then!


Peta 'N' Ming said...

lol..thanks man!

deathcraze said...

why are so many people making multiple blogs? its confusing to have to remember the multiple urls that arent directly linked from messenger -.-

Van said...

Lol melisa, just save all those urls under ur favs.. then easy to access lor.. jz a suggestion.. thats wat i do..