Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

I remembered saying that I want to make a blog about Malaysia's race discrimination, right? Right now, there's something that I'm more concerned about.

By 8.30pm - 9.30pm, our country will undergo the Earth Hour, whereby we're told to switch of all lights and electronic devices for one hour to SAVE the environment. Many people believe and many doesn't. Are you going to turn off your lights?

I understand why people ignore this. Because they don't care for the environment at all. They don't read the news or read the banners on the streets too.

I understand why people don't buy this. I quite agree with you guys. If I switch off my lights but others don't, why should I switch off then? Does it mean that at Earth Hour, all the Internet services, all the factories, Streamyx, Hotmail, telephone services, events... will ALL have to shutdown for that one hour JUST to make the world a better place? Do you really think they'll do it?

The world has faced much more worse conditions that even humans can't imagine. The Earth has survived for so many billion years. Living things can't withstand it, but Earth did! The Earth had overcome worse disasters than we knew, such as massive earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, meteor collisions, solarflares.... and all we can think about is saving plastics and switching off lights for one hour, believing that it can actually save the environment and make a difference?

I don't buy Earth Hour at all. It's not going to work. BUT, do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to be part of this big family of thoughtful people, working together to save what can be saved?

Do you want to choose a rightful stand and do what that is right, or supposed to be done, without seeing or judging others?

Or would you rather make no differences and remain the same old miserable you?

If you will change your mind, you had made a difference. By sharing with people about how you think, you may be able to change them. You can make a difference in them! They'll share your thoughts to them, changing others and eventually.... the whole world can be changed. All this can be caused because of you! Just a few simple words from you! Just imagine! How big can your power to make a difference be! So think about it, my friends!

For me, if you changed your perceptive after reading this, I had made a difference to you.
If you will switch off the lights, I had made more differences.
For I WILL switch off my lights and any other electronic devices. To make a difference in me and you.

Watch me. =)


J.Y. said...

Damn, it's really hard to keep a short blog... see? I separated into so many paragraphs but the blog is still long. >__<

Gotta find some ways to shorten it~

Anyway, leave a comment (anonymous oso can) if u think this is good worh~

Casper (LIM SHIM) said...

yup,why your article all very long? haha but its okay i will read slowly.. ^^
thats y i be your folower..
haha.. nice =)