Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well, I am back in my bloggy, typing another blog.

I'm sorry guys. I planned to make a tribute blog for 8 of my best KDU buddies, but unfortunately due to the continuous problems occuring on Streamyx, adding on that I'm actually online at Sabah, my connection is so slow, I can't upload any photos in my blog. Well, I'll need photos of course. So that's why I have to find a right time, where the Internet line is amazingly fast, then I can upload the necessary photos and post up my blog. Too bad, the connection is unstable all the time, I kept disconnecting from the Internet, so my blog-publish-date was postponed until today, and still the line is unstable. So, let us wait till the line gets stable and okay one day. ^^

By July 23, I'll be heading towards Perth. It's a whole new learning experience for me. I'm not sure whether I can cope with all these, but I'm damn sure I will eventually. So, I can't back out from my challenges, so I'll face them with full courage!!! Besides, I promised a lot of people that I'll do my best there. So yup, wish me all the best.

Okay, this is just a brief update for my blog before it gets filled with dust and cobwebs. My next blog will be here once I get a stable line, so please wait!!

To some of my friends, good luck with your new degree life at KDU!!!


XUXUN said...

it's been a long time since the last time i visit ur blog. Wao.. looks like there are a lot of changes in your life. Good Luck dude

Roxanne Chee said...

i will be waiting for tat.^.^

Zhen said...

Lao dou, wish u all the best in everything ya..must take good cares..Gambateh..your daughter here will always support u ya...i will take care lao ma d..dun worry ya!

WarezLight said...

dude, just remember me

J.Y. said...

@Xuxun: Haha, it's been a while man. Yes indeed my life has changed a lot, on every aspect. Good to see you here and hope to see you face-to-face soon. =)

@Roxy: Ok! ^.^

@Zhen: Thank you, my daughter. You better make sure you know how to take care of lao ma, don't just say la. when you see her moody, make sure you find out why, and not just thinking that it's because of me. Hahaha! Good luck la!

@Mako: I find no reason to forget you. Why worry? =D

superman de man said...

den wait till u meet da surprising faz n stable line la~! ^^
n i oweys belief tat u r enuf courage to face watever it is coming... take care~! =]