Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello readers! I'm updated this blog today to make an announcement.

My clan, Clan AoS and I finally got our first DotA video ever, all played, edited and created by ourselves! Of course, we can't compete with all the other DotA video players and video editors world wide - they have way more experiences than us. However, we have no intention in winning anyone. This video is made specially as a tribute for all my dear KDU friends whom I spent time with together while in KL and has no means in competing with other DotA videos. You'll notice that most of the scenes are from AI scenes. That is to show that we all began playing DotA with AIs as our opponents. This is to mark the start of our journey to the DotA world, as we had decided that if we are to have another video, we will not have any more AI scenes within the video. So do not have any prejudice towards our video just because our opponents are computers or bots. Enjoy the ride and you'll enjoy the video. ^^

Our video - DotA: Ace Of Spades - will be uploaded Facebook-wide on 7th April, 2010, 9PM. Be sure to check out our video and give us your honest feedback.

Very well then, Ace of Spades, Coming Soon!!!

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