Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Confronting the exams

As we all know, most of us have our own final exams around the end of November. Including me.

Last week I got another 2 exams. One is a Murdoch (Australian) Degree exam, which is very very hard, kept me quite stressful for the days. And the other is Moral Education, where I didn't put much effort into it but still able to answer all the questions. ^ ^ (except the religion part.) Right now, I got 4 more subjects to tackle. Today (25/11), which is this day I post this blog, despite on the stress right now, is Computer Fundamentals and my favorite subject - Computer Security.

Yeah, I even made my own hand-written notes for that. If you want a copy, I can give you one. XD Well, in this subject, as you can think of the question: "Do you learn about viruses, spywares, hacking and stuff"? Well, to be honest, YES, you are able to learn them, but it's all on the theory part. Plus, it's on the positive side of teaching, so they won't teach you how to create a virus or hack other people's computers. Unfortunately. T.T But well, don't expect much though, it's just theory and words. Anyway, the other 2 are Operating Systems as well as Data Structures & Algorithms, both subjects are also tough, but I believe I can manage them all, even though I'm last-minute studying, just like most of ya.
Well then, not much to be talked about, I just feel like updating my blog during the exams. I know it sounds ignorant to my exams, but who cares anyway except me, if I don't care, who will? Hahaha! I'll go back to KK at 4 dec with my dear sis, but I'll lose contact (as in face-to-face) with all my KDU friends for 2 months till 16 feb 2009. =( Especially this one friend of mine which I believe is hard to find and I should appreciate such a friend at all times. But I heard this friend will be moving out around next year due to some inconvenience. Hope this friend doesn't leave...
Off I go, back to my studies. Good luck in your exams, people! =D


Roxanne said...

good luck to u ah~! don't miss me too much during the 2 months tm wor! hiihi~

Peta 'N' Ming said...

lol.. all the best man!
still the same ol writing since form 1.. =p!