Thursday, November 27, 2008

For good and for bad.

I finally finished my exams! I'm one free guy once again! But amidst all these happiness, something bad happened.

My computer broke down.

Seriously. I have no freaking idea what happened. Well, didn't really break down actually. But I lost all, as in ALL of my control on anything on my lappy referring to NETWORK issues. That's right. I can't connect to any network because the network functions had malfunctioned, hence, I can't go online. Unable to access to the Internet is already a terrible issue, as everyone knows. To make things worse, I can't even enable or disable my FireWall and my Windows Update. Everything about network issues can't be controlled at all. And the screen above indicates another problem. My Windows Registry is corrupted and all the System Restore save points already had the problems in them. So everything I do is useless unless I perform a reformat, which is something I WILL NOT DO. I wanna find out the main problem. Remember my friends, when your computer breaks down, by formatting it, you're only escaping from the problem. Yes indeed, it makes your computer go back to normal, but still. It's a perfect example similar to eating sleeping pills when you can't sleep.


Without access to the Internet, I can only use the college's computer to go online, which is why I can only type English comments, Roxanne. Worse, I can't access any network at all, so no LAN games for me. To be an offline user, it's okay, but while enjoying the holidays with your friends in the hostel, it's miserable enough to party-poop your mood. =(


But anyway, what the hell. XD I'll still find a way to end my misery. I'll find the true cause and solve it! Besides, my exams are over and there's plenty of time to enjoy myself. ^ ^

Till then guys!


Roxanne said...

poor fine for me if u write english comment in my blog la...happy holiday to u!

marco said... screen means ur comp can reformat ady ur xp genuine?mayb bcoz its not n u perform the windows update and they crash ur software