Friday, February 13, 2009

People say that 14 February is Valentine's Day. Well, to me, there's something far more important about this day than Valentine's Day. I'm going back to college. Yep, time passes fast, 2 and a half months are gone. Like any regular Sabahan, he/she will definitely miss Sabah like hell and wishes not to leave anymore. In the end, he/she'll be back in KL. T.T

Other than that, I'm leaving my hometown, this time very worried and moody. There are some happenings that are beyond your control. What makes it worse is that these happenings are beyond your sight. Could this be good - to make you unable to see the bad happenings? Or just to keep me away from it?

As you'll know, I always imply on what I really want to say. Asides that, I'll always leave a hidden hint somewhere in any post that has me implying in it.

But anyway, I'm finally going back.

She's getting weaker....


marco said...

im going back to kuching haha not kl XD

Tracy@莲 said...

hey, can view my blog dy?

Anonymous said...

I am going to australia though XD
Don't think too much la.
Always thinking too much is one of your weak point.


Peta 'N' Ming said...

what the...I just wrote one whole thing and it's not posteD?!
OKay anyways, I was saying..
What are you thinking of this time? Chris's Balls? LOL! Kidding! =)
Anyways, you're not the only one feeling moody. =/

deathcraze said...

whos getting weaker? the doggy?