Monday, February 9, 2009


Once again, I lost track of updating my blog again. >__<

Coming back to KL on 14th feb, or Valentine's Day for some of you, I'm pretty sure only a few people will be travelling at that day, because I know plenty of people, specifically couples, will not prefer to have any minute of February 14 to be wasted on flights, do they? They must have reached their destinations already before that day, pack their schedules full for the day and for the night, have a hotel room booked for their "quality time". =3

Valentine's Day? Me? Will you really think that I'll have one? XD

Let's not get to that. Anyway, I know that right now I have no rights to argue or mention anything about love, because I'm so inexperienced, but to me, love is blissful and warm, but complicated and contradict(矛盾). Love comes and leaves beyond anyone's control and it's definitely not something to die for. Love is the remedy for single's starvation and the venom for depression. Some people try bravely without thinking about the consequences, while some others do not dare to go for it, due to being too cautious, remaining single all the time. I'm sure saying this would be quite sensitive to some of you, but please forgive me if I said anything wrong, don't forget I'm inexperienced. Haha!

After hearing many of my friends' experiences on love matters, I think: should I find a girl that I have feelings towards her and go for it? At first, I MAY HAVE FELL for this. Then, after redeeming myself, I realized that IF i really like a girl, I would not have the guts to go after her. You may say that this is a cowardly action, but to me, how can I possibly try and love or care for someone else, IF i can't even take care of my own self? It sounds funny, doesn't it? After I can manage and take care of myself, then I may consider... But perhaps by that moment I'll be single. T.T But as long as I'm concerned, I will not be thinking about love right now.

Once again, I hope you guys can share with us what you think about 'love' and anything else you like to. If you feel like commenting but don't know how, all you have to do is click the 'Comments' button below, wait for the pop-up, then type your comment and check the third tab of the identity section (Name/URL), you don't have to put a URL, just your name will do, click the "Publish Comment" button and you're done. Hopefully, I can get to hear the voices of you guys. =D

My words may be true at this moment, but who knows? Maybe one day a girl will rock my world upside down. If things and love are meant to bend that way, I may end up as someone's boyfriend through fate and time and there's nothing anybody can do about it. I won't think about love at all, but maybe after that I will all day. After that, whatever I mention above is referred to as 'crap' and 'nonsense'.

Being self contradictory? Me? My friend, love is contradict after all, isn't it? =)

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