Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, nothing much actually. Right now, since 13 April 2009, I am undergoing an intensive session, up to April 30, all with 8-hour classes for my subject ICT363 - Network Switching. At the day I post this, it's the 6th day of the intensive period. Right, and still counting. >__< So, I didn't have any time to go anywhere else in the Internet at all. Hence, I did not made any updates to my blog. Sorry about that.

- Anyway, yeah. I got my KDU scholarship. I got RM1,000 free from my RM8,000 fees. Apparently, the money is free for me to use anytime. But well, if I want to take it out, that's a different story. XD

- My Cambodia trip photos are up on Facebook! ^ ^ You can go check it and leave some comments too. I'll appreciate them all, good or bad.

- Yesterday, I visited Palm Spring Condominium, just 20 minutes away from my hostel by bus. Arnous, Mustafa and I were discussing about our ICT363 case study. Due to some doubts, we did nothing except for talking about other stuffs regarding ICT363 and the big 'plan'. That night, I ate dinner with them. Haha! We sat on the floor and 5 of us (2 more friends of them) ate fried rice with tomato pasta. Yes, vegetarians can eat it. The taste is good, perhaps that's the way Syrians cook their foods. That day was the first day in my life for eating dinner with international students. Will never forget that.

- Due to heavy traffic, I walked all the way from Palm Spring to my hostel. Took 42 minutes and 17 seconds. Hahaha, I know. I'm insane. =) But trying something new isn't a bad thing, as long as you stay constantly vigilant, right?

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