Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prologue from the Announcement

Time.... sure waits for no man....

My KDU Friends during Roxanne's birthday

A lot of good events, activities and memories flow around my life ever since the day I entered my college life. Some happened expected, mostly unexpected. Think back then, I really can't believe how I had begun in college from zero to one. To make things sound better, I can't believe my friends had given the 'one' to me.

Kota Belud Camp Dec '08
At some point, you'll recgonize more and more people, widening and broadening your social network. Sometimes, you'll either know lecturers whom are decades older than you. Also kids and preteens years younger than you.

Hostel Break-in, Feb 'o9

But there are some times where you meet a lot of friends that you're dying to stick to them till the end of college life. Perhaps trying to graduate together with them and have one unforgetable memory in your life. Unfortunately, due to your given condition, you're unable to do so.

Cambodia Trip with family, Apr .09

When you know that time doesn't wait for your wishes anymore, all you can do is to appreciate all those friends and people around you. Do it while you still can, before you regret in the ends of life. Of course, there will be times where we stumble upon each other one day, but it's just a matter of time. Before that, be sure to cherish every moment you have and feel happy for the whole ride.


Life's like that. Nothing is permanent. Not even life is. How can you expect anything to last long? All we can do is to expect everything to last WELL, SAFE and FINE. All the time. =)


Time waits for no man... Life dwells for no soul... No matter what happens, life must go on. Whether slowly or swiftly. The only things that can ease you or make you feel warm, blissful and happy - are those memories you had been fighting so hard to keep between you and those you are in contact with...

And now... after typing so much, when I think about it:

Life changed a lot for me... and I have changed a lot for life. I feel happy for who I am as well as what I have right now. And I feel fortunate about it. I am already mentally and spiritually prepared for what will come for me. Hence, by tomorrow, I'll announce something... that turning point... that fateful choice... that inevitable decision... But I have accepted it and - let time flow through me. =')

I don't expect anyone to catch this post before tomorrow... but well, you'll have a big clue on what I'm going to announce tomorrow, right? =)


deathcraze said...

lol, so much suspense :P

i'm guessing its one of three things. lol

J.Y. said...

Be sure to tell me after my announcement, okay melisa? =p

Roxanne Chee said...

Wish you have a bright future. don't forget us ah~T.T

marco said...

i have a few things on my mind as well haha...what time to be exact?i can't wait lol