Monday, June 22, 2009


If that day is not a 'memorable and unforgetable day', I don't know what is.

june 19th, 2009 was the day I was relieved from being a KDU student. Yep, I returned my KDU card to them for my refund. But I felt, no, i FEEL nothing. Why? Ahaha... please don't let me repeat my story.... XD

Asides of that, today is the day where some good friends and I go for a happy outing at Sunway Pyramid!! I was so looking forwards to our outing! At first we planned to have a swim in Sunway Lagoon, but it just didn't worked out, so we chose to hang around at the pyramid instead. Damn, we took so many pictures. Here's some of them. =)

The guys - Mako, Sharmaan, me, Peshvin, Ian

The girls - YiQian, ShuiZhen, Roxanne, Kimberly

My 'family'... Son, daughter, wife and me. =)

He got the most attention while wearing the sunglasses. Meet Ian the Great.

Roxy and I. Sweet picture. Haha.

Kimberly & Mako - a cute couple

It was a really really fun day! Although we didn't do much, but we were so happy being together. While we arrived, we were so busy taking pictures throughout the whole morning. XD

After our lunch at Secret Recipe, we decided to go to Red Box and sing the hell out of our lungs. Well, damn, we really did do that. ^^ Whatever song that you can think of that'll rock the place, you have it right in our song-list. A Little Too Not Over You? Check Yes Juliet? Where is the Love? Yup, all there. =)

We went totally crazy in the box. Sup dawg! Plenty of DJs in the house!
As the saying goes: "A picture paints a thousand words." So I won't start telling a story which will make this blog into an unnecessary length, so enjoy the pictures and more on my Facebook profile.

haha... check out that guy behind... singing so fully-emotionally... XD

Haha... Ian's really enjoying himself out there....

Beat-boxing Team!!

We rock!!! Ya-ha!!!!!

In the end, before we head home, I gave a short speech about the day and my wishes to them. Look at me. It's as if i'm gonna cry. Hahaha! But actually not. =)

Frankly speaking, I am happy that I enjoyed myself on that day and I am happier that they enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Thank you guys, for such a wonderful day! I'll miss you guys when I get to Perth! And I... I...

Haha, let's not get to that, shall we? I'll be making another post about you guys later on before I leave. So, be sure to check back often!! ^^


son the great ^^v said...

nice post~!!! ^^
wish u all da best la~
frenz forever~~~!!! =]

Blog Stalker said...

How I Wish I Was There... :(

Roxanne Chee said...

that day is a memorable day for me and for us as well. ^.^

Natalie said...

Congratulations from me too!
Good luck in everything and everywhere!!

Peta 'N' Ming said...

Awww... You and your darling so sweeeeet... xDD
Hope to see you soon mann...