Friday, October 2, 2009

I just saw some of my friends' (Murdoch) blogs respectively. Looking back at their past posts, I realized that they too are having coping problems. The same problems that I had faced months ago. About leaving all your loved ones behind and proceeding to another country. The distance just gets further and further.

I finally found out that I still have some social issues. I tend to kill a happy mood by saying things that I'm actually not supposed to. XD

Right now, I'm under confusion. A part of my mind tells me, "Don't give a damn about how others think about you! Live your life the way you want it to be!"

But another part of my mind tells me, "Socialize! Be accepted by others and don't make them think you're an anti-social!"

I buy the anti-social point, but not the 'accepted by others' point. If I want to be accepted by others, that means I have to change myself and restrain myself from doing stupid things. That's not me anymore, right? XD Still dealing with the confusion~

So, before I end my post here, I just want to let all of you know... Whether you're in KDU, Murdoch or anywhere else in this part of the world. If you're still having problems with adapting, coping or getting used to a new environment...

I am one of them. You are not alone. =)


Ash said...

Misery fosters solidarity eh? :D

Roxanne Chee said...

dear, just be the one you would like to be.

J.Y. said...

Yeah... Good one Ash. I am already myself now. No worries my dear Roxy. Socially, I have learnt a lot while in Murdoch. So right now, I'm out there to find those who are having the same problems with me, go to them, pat them on the shoulder and lend a hand to get them off the ground. =)

Anonymous said...

if you have identified your problem then you can consider yourself half cured .

an expat in France ( You don't know me )

J.Y. said...

@Anonymous: Hello, nice to meet you! Thanks for your encouragement. Well, whether I know you or not, I don't think it matters. After all, strangers are just family we have yet to come to know. =)

Hope to see you around, my friend of anonymity.

Alison said...

It's not that you are not being yourself if you don't choose to say what's in your mind or act the way you want to be.

You choose not to say it because you know that it is wiser not to say it.

You choose not to act the way because you know better than to give in to your own wants.

That's the difference bro.