Friday, October 16, 2009

A $20 that belongs to me. =)

I earned AUD20 yesterday night!! My very first salary! ^^

Oh right, I'm really bad in updating you guys. I just took up a part time job in New Zealand Natural ice-cream kiosk in Carousel Shopping Centre, Perth. My very first part time job!!

Well, not really a part time job yet. I have to undergo some training to prepare for that. I'd started my training since last Tuesday until this Thursday night. In short, I had been training for 3 days only. However, I really learnt A LOT within these 3 days. If you give me the right ingredients, I can make fruit juice, milkshake, smoothie, bubble tea, even the cappuccino you drink in Starbucks. =D Hey! Stop giving me that disgusted look! I can ensure you that the drinks I make taste great, okay? xD

Here is where I work!

I really had a thrill working here. Multi-tasking and serving customers, it's just like those games that you play on your laptop, Diner Dash? Burger Rush? Cake Mania? Yeah, those games. I had to admit that for a clumsy person like me, my techniques aren't good enough. Not doing enough household it seems. Scooping a scoop of ice-cream could take me up to 5 minutes. My worse mistake: the customer wanted a chocolate thickshake. After blending the mix and pouring it out, watery liquid came out of it. From thickshake till milkshake. >__<

Sorry if I had offended any customers for the previous days. >__<

I guess I'll be working there from now on. Hopefully I can get some decent cash to spend back in Malaysia. So, before I go, let me show you... how to make... CHILLO! Chillo is something similar to the cappuccino in Starbucks. I made my very first, yesterday night!

First of all, prepare 220ml of fresh milk. Add a scoop of ice into it.

Secondly, take a big scoop of New Zealand Natural's Cookies 'N Cream ice-cream and dunk it in.

Then, add two spoonfuls of vanilla powder.

Blend it!

For this machine, set the blending speed as 4.

After blending is done, take it out and pour it into a cup. Add some whipped cream on it and pour some cookie powder on the cream.


I was drinking my own Chillo and it tastes really, really good. It makes me feel like a small kid. Haha. But I have to pay for it though, 10% discount for staffs. Sorry if some of the pictures are blur. Iwas secretly taking pictures of it without my boss knowing it, so no time to focus with my Sony Ericsson 2.0x mega pixels camera. xD

Tomorrow, I'll be going to a musical festival (or concert), called One Movement Music Festival! The ticket price is AUD99, but all Murdoch students and staffs can get them for free! From 12pm - 10pm, there will be combos of performances by bands and music groups, but I don't know any of them. They're mostly Australian bands. Oh boy, it's gonna be one hell of a crowd.

Ok, that is all for today's update! For my friends in Perth, be sure to visit me every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday shopping night! I'll make a drink just for you! But sorry, you must pay, because the boss won't let me make it for free.

Till the next blog, see ya!!


Ash said...

Whoa,now we know to look for when we need someone to concoct drinks for a party :D One Movement tomorrow!

Roxanne Chee said...

remember what you have told me o. I am waiting for your ice cream, hehe~!

J.Y. said...

@Ash: Yeah man! Tomorrow! =) What time are they meeting by the way? No one informed me anything. =/

@Roxy: Of course. =)

Shui Zhen ~* said...

wao ~ Lao dou is doing part time job huh...haha..All the best ya..Gambateh ^^

Wilson said...

My gosh how did you take pictures while working at the same time? Wont your boss like kill you? haha!

Anyway Carousel is like super far from UWA lol. I used to be there everyday when I'm still in my foundation years. But yeah if you are still working atfer 11 November I'll go find u! HAH!