Monday, June 21, 2010


All you need to do is press the button.

When you do that, the gears will start turning. When the gears start to turn, there is no stopping them. And the only thing you can do is go along with them.

Sometimes, it's worth wondering over some coincidences that occur in our lives. Will you be amazed on how right the timing is, for that exact time at that exact place, you'll meet people that either become your friends, your best friends, your partner, or your enemy? Sometimes, although it's just a few minutes, yet a stranger might give you the greatest lesson you ever had? What makes us meet the specific people at that particular moment?

It's like each and every one of us have unseen bonds connecting each other, just waiting for the time to meet face to face. You can't see it, neither can you feel it, but it is there. When you enter a new environment, at that particular moment, you'll meet up with these people that will be in your lives till the end of days. You never know how they appear to be at that same place with yours, but they're just there. It is amazing and blissful at the same time.

For some rare cases, these people are exactly there with you to witness a happening together. To be in an event with you. Probably a big project or something. These people will suddenly enter your lives, while you get along with them very well, little did anyone know that there is something coming upon them, when the time comes, all of these people will have to stand back to back , hand in hand and overcome all the adversities together.

Have you ever met an incident like this before in your life? I just did. While in Perth, I'm suddenly meeting people whom I never talked to before, yet when together, it's like we've been friends for years. How each of us can connect and communicate with one another so easily is just so amazing. The surprising thing is, we all think alike. Deep down, something is telling us - that something is coming.

Am I thinking too much, like I've did for the past few years? Am I trying to show off on how weird I think things in life and type them all here? Am I just making you more confused onto why I type so many mysterious and confusing blog posts? Or am I just over-analyzing things and worrying too much about the future?

That does not matter to me anymore.

Ready to face the truth and find out the answers to solve all confusions and anomalies, and strive hard to overcome the adversities?


All you need to do is press the button.

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