Friday, June 25, 2010


I think I finally understand what optimism really is. =)

It's not about convincing other people and telling yourself that you're thinking positive. Neither is it typing statuses with smileyfaces and cute emoticons too. Which reminds me! You guys! Be sure when is the right time to use smiley faces, like, =), :), =D etc... If you type them too much, they'll lose their meaning. If you type them once in a while, you'll send the message to your friends clearer, in a way that they'll think that you're really happy, because you don't really type the smileyface and now you do. Hahaha! Err... I hear one of you out there... are you typing smileyfaces just because you want to sound friendly and not serious or angry? Well, I agree at that point... there's a huge difference between:

"Just be yourself!" AND "Just be yourself! =)"

Well, it depends on how you use it, that is true.

Anyway, my main point is, to build true optimism, it involves many times of falling down and getting up, standing up among all the negativities and look down with a smile, being able to get up from failure and determine yourself to strive for success! Optimism is not something you gain just by hearing or thinking, you have to really experience it to realize for yourself. For the past few years I was living in pessimism and thinking negatively, always worrying about the future and stuffs. Now? I still think like that, haha! But I am starting to let all these go.

Optimism comes from the heart through experience and realization, not from the mind through thoughts and assumptions.

I think I finally understand: "When there is a will, there is a way."

Hmm? The button? It's not that dreadful anymore, I pressed it down long time ago, what are you talking about? =P


Shui Zhen ~* said...

Nice post, lao dou =D

J.Y. said...

Thank you! =D
I see many nice photos in your blog, but you never upload on Facebook. Lazy ah? =P

Shui Zhen said...

Haha, not lazy la..I am now in my home sweet home...line here too slow o, cant upload any photo..hehe..XD