Friday, July 23, 2010


When you look out at the window for the first time in your life, you will feel curious, excited and scared at the same time.

We feel curious because there is a world of so much amazing things out there waiting for us to feel, to experience and to be with.

We feel excited because there is a world of opportunities beyond that window for us to grasp and strive forwards.

We feel scared because there is a world of uncertainties beyond that window for us to tackle and fall backwards.

People who walked out of that door into the world seen through the window were never seen coming back into the house ever again. Once they stepped out of the house, their world no longer lies within the barriers of windows and doors, but beyond.

Some people walk their new world with pride and joy. Some kneel down, hands covering their faces. Some pray to walk back into the house. No matter what you do, your world has changed once you stepped out of that door. It is up to you on how to face your new world - either with excitement, caution or fear.

Doors will open. New steps will surface. Futures will build. Goals will set. True selves will form. Lives will change.

And here I am, staring out from the window in my room...

Waiting for my turn...

To step out of that door.


yiqian said...

wish u luck n blessed throughout ur journey outside the window.. hope u will b courage n persevere with all the incidents and miracles that blossom in ur life.

Shui Zhen ~* said...

Lao Dou, I wish you luck too. No matter how hard the obstacles and uncertainties, you have to persevere on ya.. GAMBATEH !!!

J.Y. said...

Thanks! Same to the both of you! ^^

yiqian said...

ohya, juz wana tell u, m oweys enjoy reading ur postsssss, keep on writing more n more yea~ =]

Anonymous said...

Don't ask yourself too many questions , just shut your eyes and go for the world outside the window ....there's so much to learn out there !