Friday, December 5, 2008

Temporarily leaving my college life.

Hey everybody! I know not many people visit my blog, but I'm still here to apologize for not updating my blog. My sister's laptop broke down and she had to send it to repairs. So, I borrowed mine to her, even though I know she won't get soooo bored without a laptop. XD But my god! Living a few days without the laptop really can kill if you're addicted to it! I seriously need to pick up a hobby to fight this disease! Wish me luck! Anyway, guys, gals, I'm back home already! ^ ^ The nostalgic smell in the house filling the air, it makes me feel warm again. There's so many people I wanna see, especially our new puppy, Myra! Hehe, I'll make another blog about her later on. So, before I left KDU hostel, I took some pictures so you guys can see how my room and unit looks like. =D

This is my room. Room 2. By the way, I have a new roommate and he came all the way from China to undertake a 6-month English course. We have some miscommunications at the start, because we can't understand our Chinese accents. Lol! Anyway, we moved in the hanger just in case and my bedsheets has been taken out. I won't be sleeping on that. Hehe. And that's my bookshelf. I don't have many books to put, so all I put are papers and papers. Now you can see how untidy I am. Haha! But besides all that, my room is a very cool room, with the natural cool breeze and the quite nice view from above.

Everytime when I look out of that window, the same spot remains, only there's children having fun in this children sanctuary, and a lot of rubbish after that.

Leaving the room, you can see the dining room and the kitchen, and hopefully, I don't have to tell you which is which. XD Yes, they're very clean, as if no one used the table before. I have to admit that among all the other male units, Unit-312, my unit, is the cleanest among the rest! Ahahaha! Hope it stays the same till I get back...
So after I left my unit, I took some more pictures of the hostel's facilities. Don't judge them by the outlook though. XD

On to your top left side is the badminton court everyone uses to play. They play either at dawn, evening, night, midnight... wait, they play it any hour they want! As long as it's empty, people will plan to play there. Yes, I know it's small and in open-space, but who cares. On to your top right is the TV center. Everyone can sit down and watch a movie together through any channel they want. The TVs have services provided by Astro too. =D Lastly, at the bottom is the place where we do our laundry. For the price of RM3 each, you get to wash and dry your laundry. Well, a dobby shop just opened nearby, so it's kinda hard to decide where to go. Haha! Other than that, we have a study room as well, but unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of it.

This time, the top left picture shows the Sitting Area. If you have nothing to do, you can sit there and wait for either the bus to come, or just to kill some time. Parents and the wardens sit there to discuss about accomodation matters too. The top right picture is the mailbox and the Water Refiller Machine. You can check by your mailbox - which is based on your unit number, to check whether there's any mail. Other than that, the water refiller machine is one of the 'main characters' in this hostel. No refilling, we'll all dehydrate. Lastly, the security guard house. The guy there is just a mechanic, not the guard. Haha! To be honest, KDU hostel is safe, but strict. So, if you don't mind about transport problems or freedom, it's the right place to stay. Otherwise, it's hell to you. That's why plenty of students move out. But I won't be moving out for now, as nothing is dealing any impact on me. Hehe.

I'm gonna miss this place of course. Not to forget about the new friends I recognize here, especially a guy and a girl that became surprisingly close to me in just months. Whatsoever, I'll miss them all and I'll be back after 2 and a half months. So goodbye KDU! Goodbye my tertiary friends! Goodbye KL! See you all after my holidays! ^.^

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Peta 'N' Ming said...

GAR! You guys have a fridge..we don't.. Well we kinda do but it's not only for the people staying in my unit. We gotta share with the WHOLE block. I know..sux to be us.

Well, hope u can visit my blog. =))
If you do care about disney cartoons. hehehe. Leave your inner thoughts there if you do visit. THANKS!