Saturday, January 31, 2009

A driving exam.

No matter what I wrote, just wanna let you know that I recovered again, waiting for my next challenge and chance.

I met up with some of my friends a few days ago (not you guys, Peta and friends), they told me that my blog is too damn long till they don't even want to read it at all. At first I've been thinking why and how to shorten it. Then I realized that I'm just sharing my life and experience IN DETAILS. XD So nope, I'm still writing it my way. =)

About the driving exam. I failed. Funny to sound, eh? To think that I can pass in one go, only to find out that I'll actually get nervous while driving. I never knew that, not until my last turn on the steering wheel which drove me and the examiner right into the grassy area. Instead of the road. I thought I was cool and calm while handling matters, but why not driving? =(

I passed the mountains, the parking and the 'tiga penjuru', thanks to God's strength and supports from many of you guys. =) But I can't imagine why did I failed the road test. Perhaps I'm still not steady enough for it. Just like when I was getting 17/20, while reaching THE LAST T-junction and ready to turn right, this car suddenly speeds up right in front of me. I took a strong turn to the left, and we ended up in the grass. She (the examiner) crossed out "Kawalan steering tidak baik" and "Memandu secara berbahaya".

You can say it's the car's fault. I know it isn't but I can stop blaming it. Haha! But actually it's my fault for not being calm enough while driving. If I'm not quick enough, we may end up in the drains and the examiner's life is at risk. They have their difficulties too, for always sitting in a car that may crash anytime. But still, is it true that this is part of who I am? To be clumsy and unsteady while dealing with serious matters? Like driving or cooking?

Is that a reason why I don't have the courage to do something I really wanted to do for the past few months? Just because I'm afraid I can't take care of myself?


Philip said...

i tell you, the road one much more easier to pass if u-know-how-to-do. I cant get pass of the bukit one. damnit

Roxanne said...

Bon Courage~!nvmd, juz let it be,hope u can pass nx exam.^^