Monday, May 4, 2009

We cannot predict our future and flaws, hence we could only take action to find out.

I finally found a way to share my thoughts to other people! Usually, when I typed my posts/blogs here, I categorized them into 3 types

(1) Just a random seemingly pointless blog. You'll see no titles above the random blog.

The others with titles are usually the serious ones where I like to share with others.

(2) This type of blog is regarding my personal feelings about life itself.

(3) The last type of blog is some facts and advises of real life that I want to share with everyone. This kind of blog should prove itself helpful to whoever who has problems regarding it. I'll try my best to ease your feelings.... =)

For the 3rd type, I think I'll consider posting a link about it in Facebook. For example, if I want to share with others about my opinion on some facts (e.g: discrimination, problems in real life, moral values). That way, I think and hopefully that through just some simple words, I can help make a difference in other people. =)

Next week, there's another intensive class!! Network Security! For continuously 2 weeks again.... haha, the stress is coming back again... but I'm not afraid anymore! I can learn more new things from the classes anyway. It's just time that is slowly being consumed...

Trying to stay optimistic and happy throughout the last weeks of my college life~ wish me luck and give me strength!!


rox's husband said...

uiui..., where is ur third part? haha...XD

J.Y. said...

Erm, they're all in the 2nd point.
Nvr mind, wait ah, I go separate them.