Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turning Point

See, compare the picture above, at the age of 18, what I called myself cool, lying down on the foot-worn grass on the field of my secondary school, Kian Kok Middle School, Sabah.

At this point of my life, I never realized how badly I was flawed. Well, not to mention how I suck at personal hygiene. Picking up a double personality, while doing so many things due to my own purposes and intentions, no one knew who I really am, neither did they know what I was thinking. I chose to stay mysterious and as a lone wolf at all times. For the past 6 years, I had become a lone wolf and I love to become one. As emotion-less as a chose to become, little did I knew that I had just sown the seeds of flaws into my mind.

Now check this one:

A picture of me, becoming age 20, holding a doughnut in Krispy Kreme, Times Square, Petaling Jaya. At this point of life, I finally realized how flawed I was. Whatever I did, I wanted a favour in return. Throughout the years, I wanted people to treat me as how I treated them. I wanted that so badly, I never knew how much damage I had inflicted to both relationships between my friends and my own personality. Passed on from one of my friend's advice, he told me to START being emotional instead of remaining rational for the rest of my life. In the end, I gave up to my own feelings and heart, eventually I finally found my way out of the destructing path I am heading towards.

I am happy that I can finally know my mistakes and change for the better of others and myself. Well, about the 2 pictures.... we can have 2 more comparisons. One, between dependent and (slightly) independent. The 2nd comparison.... hahahaha.....

A difference between single and not single, I suppose?


Wilson said...

YOu are damn right about being an lonely "Wolf". haha jk =p

J.Y. said...

Hahaha! You guys should really start to keep your old mindsets and the words 'perverted' and 'gay' away from me. It's not applicable to me anymore. =p

deathcraze said...

i don't see any difference between the 2 photos :P didnt notice that you had a haircut.. still cant see it. looks like the same hair to me lol. oh well. :P