Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Layout! New Update!!

Hello guys!! Wow! It's been so long since I even touched my blog!! Once again, I just saw a few of my friend's blog and then I decided to update my blog. I gave it a new layout, template and a background. How is it? Very refreshing, right? ^ ^

I'm using Roxanne's previous template. Sorry for using your template too Mako. =p

So I'll be doing my best to update often, but lately I really need pictures and photos with me while I write my blog, so yes, I'm in serious need of a camera. I have a sudden envious feeling towards my sister and her camera, I hoped to have one for myself too. But at that moment, she got her camera and I insisted for an electronic keyboard. I never regretted having that awesome keyboard, but right now in Perth, around all these beautiful green scenaries, I HAVE to take pictures of them. I have a Sony Ericsson handphone with 2.0x megapixels. Obviously I need a better one. For the time being, I guess I'll have to rely on my friends' cameras. >__<

Let's see... Oh! I finally found a cactus!! Right, I never mentioned. Experts say that if you have a cactus in your room besides your laptop, it will absorb the radioactivity, reducing its impact on the user. I never heard of such theories, but it's worth a shot. I went to my mum's friend's place and she gave me one small cute cactus to take care of. I was damn excited when I got my cactus. XD

Guys, girls, meet my cactus, Roro.

Judging by the name i gave it, I believe you are able to figure out why. =)

I'll be putting it at my window porch now. Anyone who knows how to take good care of a cactus, please leave a comment to teach me how, since this is the first time in my life taking care of a living thing all by myself.

I guess that's all for now. Hmm... I need to start improving my English vocabulary... Cheers people!


Roxanne Chee said...

wow, finally updated ur blog~
this backgroud is nice, very tidy and comfortable.
hehe, roro~

amuyo tomoko said...

welcome back blogging, my friend !!!
it's great to see an update from you after a long time....

the blog template was beautiful....
giving the feeling of nature lover xD
seriously, it's awesome !!!

hmmm... the cactus theory i kinda hear it before... but then the cactus that i put in my room always can't sruvive.... T.T * feeling so sad about it *

but in another way round, chinese believes not to put cactus in the bedroom or room as it will give bad "feng shui"......
* i heard this from my friend's mother *

Shui Zhen said...

wow ~~ Roro^^nice name huh, lao dou...XD...take good cares of it yea ~

Alison said...

lessons in caring for "Roro"

1.don't water it

2.just let it be in or near the sunlight

3. pardon rule 1 if the roro is totally dried up like a preserved vege

lol! have fun~

again, save for a camera!!!

J.Y. said...

@Roxanne: Thanks for your compliment on my new blog layout. Don't you feel proud? You gave my cactus the name. Haha!

@Amuyo: Yes, nature lover is really a good phrase for me. Come to think about it, I do love nature a lot. ^^ Nah, I don't really believe in feng shui. XD

@ShuiZhen: Yup, nice name, eh? Okay, I'll take care of myself!

@AW: Oh, if I put Roro in my room instead of outside, is it okay? There's just a glass panel between the cactus and the outside, but only part of it gets the sunlight. Do you think I should put it outside?
Yeah... save money for camera... but I may want the money for books.

amuyo tomoko said...

cool... im a nature lover also...
but in different ways :D
hahaha... good to hear that you're not in believe of feng shui too xD

J.Y. said...

it's good to hear that you're not as well. =)

amuyo tomoko said...

yeah... cos if the more feng shui you believe, you won't be able to trust yourself anymore...
i rather trust myself than trusting in faith :D