Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arnott's Tim Tam (Advertisement)

Recently, I got myself addicted to Arnott's Tim Tam, sometimes also known as Arnott's Win Me. Well, it's the same brand and biscuits.

I bought 2 packets of Arnott's Tim Tam in a superstore, Coles at Kardinya Park. Each packet costs $2.29. Its original price is around $2.92 but at the moment there was a good offer. In each packet there are 11 biscuits, all coated with a thick layer of chocolate, followed by the biscuit itself and a thick layer of chocolate cream.

There are a few options that you can try while eating them. Either you put them in the fridge and eat them while they're cold and solid, or eat them while they're melting. My flatmate taught me a new way. First, bite off a very small chunk from one corner of the biscuit, then bite off another small chunk from the opposite corner. Then, dip one of the bitten corner into milk while sucking the milk up from the othe bitten corner. A biscuit straw!!

THEY ARE REALLY DELICIOUS! I unwrapped both of them and placed all the chocolate biscuits in my container. I placed the container besides my laptop so I can chew on them anytime I want. =)

Dear friends in Malaysia, is this available in Malaysia? Kindly check it out for me and let me know please. Thanks!
EDIT: I was told that this biscuit had long been in Malaysia! My god! I can't believe i'm so ignorant to things around me!! >__<

So what are you waiting for! Buy Arnott's Tim Tam / Win Me now and feel the chocolate indulgence!!


Chiao Hui said...

I am surprised you haven't seen any Tim Tams in Malaysia. Yes, worry not, there are tons of them in Malaysia as well. Can't believe you miss that during your 20 years in Malaysia hahaha.

J.Y. said...

Really?? Haha!! How could I be so ignorant to things around me... XD Trust me, you'll be more surprised as time goes by. >__<

Thanks for informing anyway!! I better go edit my blog. =)

Alison said...

hahahaah...this really sounds like an advertisement XD

and the biscuit straw method, its been done b4...

Cassandra said...

Hey! I just got back from Aussie and I'm wondering where can i get Tim Tam in Malaysia??? Do you know where can I get it? :(

Thanks and cheers! :D