Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, I forgotten to share something here. Last Sunday, out of boredom and hunger, I ordered for Domino's Pizza from my room. Yes you're right, it's a pizza delivery. =)

Cheese sticks. I bought 2 sets.

My Simple Cheese Pizza!!!! It was really good. =)

It costed me $21.85. It's a waste of money actually, because they have offers on every Tuesday whereby you can order a pizza for $5 or $9. This one costed around $17. But they said all food and drinks that we order must exceed $20 before a delivery can be done. Well, it does encourage me to share pizzas with my friends instead of eating it alone. Well, once in a while doesn't do much harm, right? ^^


Roxanne Chee said...

the chesse on the pizza is really looks appetizing~ hey, other than chocolate, cheese, and bread, eat other kind of food as well, vege~ vege ah~ haha~!

Wilson said...

if you think dominos rawks, I suggest you get out more often lol! haha! There are lots of better pizzas around.

Of course I do love dominos as well, just that sometime it'll suck also, depends on the workers...Try the four cheese one from dominos! Pretty good too! XD