Monday, September 21, 2009

I learnt a lesson

I finally got the answer to the blog post below. ^^

It was 2 weeks ago, when I went to my mum's friend's place and met this Singaporean teacher. His name is Chris, married and has many years of teaching experience. We had a conversation and I started telling him about my difficulties in triggering my study mode back to ACTIVE instead of DEACTIVATED. That was also when I learnt that he was a lecturer himself. XD

He told me, "You cannot just rely on your interests and motivation in order for you to study! As a student, studying is YOUR JOB!"

I was struck. So it's my job... Maybe I knew this all along, but i just needed the right person to tell me. Haha, that always happen to me. =p

He suggested me to GO TO CLASS NO MATTER WHAT. He taught me something that I think I should share it with all of ya:

"You cannot choose to skip class just because you think you don't believe what will be taught to you. Going to class helps you understand the keywords and the main points to the current chapter you're learning at that day. Come on, nobody expects you to understand everything or the whole chapter in just 1-2 hours!!!"

"SELF-READING is the most crucial part of studying. It's all about exploring and understanding it by yourself. The teachers/lecturers/tutors/instructors are just there to guide you. In the end, it's all up to yourself."

Don't worry, mum, dad, sis, Roxy and my dear friends. I have finally understood the importance of studying. (I can't believe I only knew it until this very day. >__<) My study mode is triggered back to life! From now on, if I want to study, I believe I can MAKE me study for real. Yay! ^^

However, my study mode now is like all of you - STANDBY because I'm lazy at the moment. =p

Next blog coming up - the reason why I play computer games!!! Be sure to check back in, that is going to be a good post. =)

Oh by the way, is the song in my blog nice? Give me some opinions plz~~~


Ash said...

You should advertise your blog on FB more!

Import into your FB notes.

Anyway like reading your entries but the music has got to go or the pause/stop button has to be bigger.

J.Y. said...

Wow ash, what a surprise to see your comment. thanks for dropping by.

Hmm... I never thought of publicizing my blog in the first place XD. Besides, I only advertise my blog in FB when there is something very meaningful and I really, really intend to share with those out there. Like my next blog. You'll see its advertisement on FB for sure. =D

Ash said...

Dude, 2 things:

1. All blogs are public,including the ones set to private.

2. You might not consider your posts here meaningful or profound but your enntries here make me smile or feel things inside my mind and I'm sure if you were to publicise it more,others will say the same.

I'll look forward to your other blog as well then and keep blogging!

J.Y. said...

Hmm... your words are indeed encouraging, but I type quite long posts and I'm worried that some of them won't bother to see my blog because they have too many words. I had that problem a few years back.

To be honest, long ago I wanted people to see my blog, at a point I was desperate to get everyone to see my blog in MSN (it's dead) but it's hard cuz they don't enjoy long and nonsense posts. So after someone's advice I chose to write for my own sake without thoughts about others. This mindset went pretty well. =) And now you're putting the old mindset back in me.

Haha, I'll try. Thanks for the boost of confidence bro. But music will still be in my blog, because it's... singing and resonating with people. ^^

Ash said...

Yeah write for yourself and because at the end of the day if you're not having fun or 'feeling' it,it'll show in your writing.

While it's true most people who read blogs have short attention spans,there are still plenty of people who'll read long posts as long the writing is sincere.

Advertising using import notes on Facebook is different from the in-your-face kind of advertising of MSN.

I'm sure you notice,I feed my blog into FB.I don't tag anyone in these notes,up to people if they wanna read and so far response has been good.

As for the music,your blog,your call man :D

J.Y. said...

Haha, of course it's my call. =D

Thanks for the suggestion bro.

Oh by the way, it's not up to me to decide the size of the pause button.