Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm no longer in any study mood now. I'm slowly neglecting my studies.

Every week, I have 11 hours of class.

I skipped 8 hours this week.

I just lost my motivation to study or revise. I did not have this problem in KDU. Ever since I came to Perth, interacting with Australian teaching methods for the first time, hardly able to figure out what the lecturer is teaching, unable to ask any questions due to other students' intelligence-discrimination, my confusions on my studies accumulated.

Since I don't know a word about what I'm hearing, there's no point to attend the lecture. I should revise daily but the 'OHM' just isn't there.

As a result, I lost interest in my studies.

I understand that I cannot neglect the hopes and wishes of my dear family and friends. I promised that I would work hard.

But I just need the motivation. The 'OHM' to excite me and trigger my study mode back to life. Without that, I will have no interest in revising, neither would I have any passion.

Where is the inspiration? Where is the motivation?

Maybe I should stop playing games. That's a good start actually. =D


Shui Zhen ~* said...

Lao dou, gambateh ba ~ U have to know that the path for now, is for your own future good ~ So, stand up, don't keep wasting time, as time is precious ~ Keep fighting and hardworking for the sake of your future ~ support u ya ~ ^^ I am sure that you can do it ! =)

Roxanne Chee said...

OHM~! Come back come back~

buy the textbooks is the 1st step to get back ur OHM.

son aka love rival said...

jonjon ui....jon loi lo~~!!! ^^
bear in mind, ntg come easily in life, dun let da 'emo'thing n annoying, insulting thoughts lagging u.
u wan success there, work hard from now; dun wan, come bec Malaysia n find ur own way. time n tide is wait for no man, wat for groaning n discourageing there...
Jia you~!!! =]


J.Y. said...

I found a solution. I'm now back on track.

Someone told me that "Studying is my job as a student, so there's no such thing as 'I need motivation n passion so that I can study'. These words came from a lecturer I've known with my mum's friends.

Now I need to get rid of my laziness and I'm back to study mode!!!

son aka love rival said...

yeap~!!! ^^ all of us should b responsible to our own life~, in tis stage v r student so do our best yea~! jia you~! =]

Alison said...

You'd better. Skipping classes, running away from problems & giving excuses doesn't do anything to help, it instead creates even more problems.

Perhaps you would like to seek your lecturers outside of classes or some seniors to aid you in your study.

You need not me to remind you this:
"If you think you can, you CAN!"

The law of attraction.

Sheri said...

Are you saying that you are not used to the accent? :(

J.Y. said...

@Alison: Nope sis, I just need a suitable environment to study. I triggered my study mode back to life at last. =) However, the same problem comes everytime when we study: laziness. =p Don't tell mum or she'll kill me. Hahaha!

@Sheri: Not at all, sheri. Not at all. =) I fully understand their accents because I had Murdoch lecturers coming over to my college in Malaysia to give us intensive training. So I got used to their accents. Before that, yeah, my face went extremely pale. XD