Sunday, February 14, 2010

The glass is half full.

Hello dear readers and friends!!! At last, a publicized blog update! Happy Chinese New Year 2010!! Year of the Tiger is here now, so best luck for business, studies and everything else!! To some other friends of mine, Happy Valentine's Day!! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Charles Kwong. =)

Time flies without warning, without stopping. Within a few days, I'll be flying back to Perth. I will be reaching the village at 20th February. I read a lot, learnt a lot, thought a lot, realized a lot. I cannot look at the world like I'd did before. The world has never been a depressing place to live in. It is me - who feels depressed over the world - which is completely unnecessary. As long as I think things the optimistic side and do my best, things will always work out. Many may not believe in this, but I really do.

I have been living a life full of complicating thoughts ever since I joined Prefect Board. I find myself a 'philosopher', also an idiot. Sometimes things are not as complicated as it seems. Thanks to my mum, my best advisor, I have finally 'converted' myself from 'complicated' to 'simple'. Be in mind, there is a big difference between (1) "Being 'simple' all the time" and (2) "Changing oneself to becoming simple from complicated". I'm glad I had conquered my thoughts and become a better person. =D

My house, my room, my keyboard, my mum's office, Centrepoint, City Mall cyber, CyberX, E-City, Tanjung Aru beach, Bukit Padang, my school, my 2nd family, my dear friends, my sister, my mum and my dad.... They will all once again leave my life for the next one year.

Once again, this strong bond I had with me beloved hometown is detached, sending me off to Perth. This long lost feeling of warmth, familiarity and bliss, will once again be absent - until the next time I return, which till now I still do not know when.

The peace at mind and joyful times from my dearest friends, the bullying of my sister, the stern advices and strict voice of my dad, the funny nagging and warm hugs from my mum, the warm feeling of being home and secured - will all be absent - till the day I return.

But this is my life. It is a giant milestone and challenge for me to learn how to be independent. I have to go, and I will go back to Perth. I'll miss all of Sabah, I won't cry or shed a tear while I leave my family, boarding the airplane....

*whisper* Then I'll cry like hell on the plane. *whisper*

Haha! Right now, I don't want to think so much! Gonna enjoy the last days of being in Sabah! Live it as meaningful as possible! Then when I get back to Perth, GET READY PERTH!

Happy Chinese New Year once again, everybody!! ^^

I, thank you for your time. Now run along and celebrate CNY now. =D


♡charles♡ said...

thx for ur wishes JY!!
u finally gave me a different felling from ur blog, hahaha ^^
*p/s: nt those gays's things ~

Yuan He said...

Happy Chinese New Year and V's Day.... ^_^

Ash said...

20TH Feb? Why so long? Hurry up and get your ass back here!

J.Y. said...

@Charles: =)
@Yuan He: Haha! Same goes to you my friend!!
@Ash: Actually I have returned on 18th feb, but I'm going to my mum's friend's place for another 2 days before I return to the village. Haha, patience my friend, we WILL meet in the end. =D

son de clever =P said...

^^ happy CNY n take gud care lo~!

Shui Zhen said...

Lao Dou, must gambateh o =)Wish you all the best ya..Sometimes, don't think something too far and complicated is the best for us. We can plan for our future, but we can't predict what will happen next =)So, you must stay happy and healthy always ya. Don't give up easily and pessimistic although you are in trouble. Just hold on, everything will be fine =) GAMBATEH ya (:

J.Y. said...

@YiQian: Thanks, happy CNY to you too. Remember to try and make an egg stand on its own during Day 15 worh. XD

@ShuiZhen: Thanks. =)
Thinking is one thing. Letting it go without being troubled about it is a different story. There is no point to think so much, when the most important thing to think about is our present situation. Be thankful to whoever that has entered our lives during the past. Then, it's going on straight ahead with no turning back. There is no need to dwell about the past, as it has passed. Neither should we worry so much about our future.

Haha! That's right, my dear friends, I'm looking forwards for a better tomorrow everyday, no turning back! =D