Monday, February 1, 2010

February arises...

It has been so long, but I'm back here now.

I'm really thankful that I've went back to my hometown. I understood, learnt and realized a lot about a lot of things - my friends, my future, the world... and even myself.

There was once whereby I did a few stuffs that I'm not so proud of. But as far as life is concerned, there's no turning back. So, I gotta face the facts and live a happy person from now on. Being happy on the outside is insufficient. One must be happy on the inside or else the happiness shown outside will not seem true.

Don't worry! I'm still the same JY you guys know all along. It's just a mentality change and the fact that I looked through the negativities of life itself and am currently finding a way to change it.

Will be going back to Perth at 18th February. I miss Perth, but I'm gonna miss Malaysia.


Shui Zhen said...

Lao dou, gambateh ya =) Happy always and take good cares in Perth ~ will miss u o ^^ Friendship Forever =)

J.Y. said...

Thanks! =)