Thursday, February 25, 2010


I still could not understand before. Doesn't playing computer games make you happy? Doesn't going to karaokes or clubbing makes us forget about our worries and make us happy? Why when all these are over, we'll lose this happy feeling?

I would like to thank a special friend, for motivated me to embark on a journey to seek true happiness and answers to all those never-ending confusions.


All of my questions are finally answered.

All my negativities, all my doubts, all my confusions, even questions about the world - all gone!

I can't believe how idiotic I was, trying to make clear of what's happening about the world and around me, when I was supposed to identify my priorities, understand what is important and what I should do.

I don't know how to write the answers down... they're too great and impossible to be written in words.

But once I applied these answers to my daily life.... I will keep doing so, each and every day of my life. Once I succeed, which I believe it's a matter of time, I will share this with my parents, friends and everyone else out there who needs it.

I will. I really...... will.

其实大家 - 都是一家人......