Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Imagine a millennium turtle swimming in the ocean. Every 100 years, it will pop up its head out of the ocean to look at the sky. There is no telling where will the turtle pops its head out at. After that, the turtle will sink back and swim deep down. It will emerge and pop its head out again after 100 years.

Imagine a square-shaped wooden plank floating in the ocean. Right at the center of the wooden plank is a circular hole, big enough for a leg to go through. It floats all around the ocean, drifting pass Australia, Antarctica, Greenland, etc. It keeps drifting.

Now, after a 100 years, the turtle re-emerges to the surface and pops out its head. At that exact same moment, the turtle popped its head right through the hole of the wooden plank, in the middle of the vast ocean.

Too much of a coincidence, you say? That is exactly what I was in.

I just came back from a party yesterday. A lot of things happened and its coincidence is just... too great to be described in words. Being at a place like that just makes you want to cry for joy. No, I am not exaggerating. If you were there, I am sure you will as well. You don't have to know what has happened in the party - words cannot finish the entire story and event. But all I can tell is - that night was full of coincidences, so great, so true, that you do not want it to end. Everyone was so happy, the positive atmosphere was so strong.

After some positive synchronizing, I came to a temporary conclusion about my life.

"I have learnt and realized a lot......
......but there is so much more to learn and realize..."


Alison said...

Too much of a coincidence that it seems like fate;
Too much fated that it seems terrifying.

J.Y. said...

It's a matter of perspective.
It is something to be happy and glad of, to be fated into a coincidence.
Then again, I have to admit that I am terrified as well.
Why the coincidence?
Is something trying to tell me, or us... something?