Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing much but updates

I have nothing but updates now... having 5 assignments due in two weeks... let's see... hmm...

A summary report due this Friday.

2 reports due this sunday. One a summary and the other a report to be fought in a law court.

1 research essay due next Friday.

One freaking JAVA GUI program due next Friday as well. OH GOD. This assignment drives me nuts.

So, basically that's it. Recently, due to my assignment chain, I had been hanging out with a bunch of really crazy and abnormal friends. But they're cool and won't affect me doing my assignment. After all, when you're concentrating, nothing will bother you whatsoever. =)

Going to Caversham this Saturday again, must finish the 3 assignments before heading there! Good luck to all my friends having assignments, projects and exams! May's gonna be a tough month, but after the sour comes the sweet, so let's stay strong and give those freedom-killers a piece of our minds! >:)


Yuan He said...

nice ^_^

Roxanne Chee said...

May is a very busy and stress month for us also. Anyway, all the best to you and to us. Holidays will be coming soon. heeheehee~! ;)

yiqian said...


J.Y. said...

@Guan Hoe: =)
@Roxanne: Yup, it sure is a busy month for all. Hopefully I'll be worry-free for the last 2-3 days of May... ;)
@YiQian: Thanks. You too son. =)

Shui Zhen said...

Gambateh o lao dou =) U can do it !!! We will also gambateh over here ^^ Fighting for our future =) Persevere on no matter how hard your life ya !!!

J.Y. said...