Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, if you're seeing this blog post, the first thing you should know is that I am currently synchronizing.

If you would be so damn free to check my Facebook status (or MSN personal message), you would realize that I would type "Jonathan Wjy is synchronizing." I am trying very hard to catch up with reality and the truth. To cope up with my overloading stress, both physically and mentally. To understand and try to adapt myself to my environment and reality itself. To have some time to recover from any mental breakdown I might have.

To tell that... I am... at that moment... mentally weak.

I always have a rule in Facebook, or in anything I chat, type or write. I will never, no matter what, never tell other people about my problems and issues, neither would I complain or piss off in the statuses or nicknames I have. I know other people who see this won't feel good and due to that, I might upset them. Besides, it really is inappropriate to upset others because we are ourselves, right? With words like "I am suffering" or "I am dying" or "I lost myself", these words will do nothing but keep people worried like shit now, isn't that true? That's why I'll never do that, and whatever you say, I still won't.

Because, after all, it is my fault every time this happens, so being in this current state and I deserve that. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm currently very challenged with one of my units and I have issues with people recommending flowers for me to pick. I want to announce that I will not pick a single flower at all and I will do whatever it takes - to get through my studies and my unit. For the last 7 months of my degree.

I will resume my assignment after typing this.

Now, I am synchronizing.


Ashley Joseph said...

It's all going to be all right :D

J.Y. said...

All will go well only if all efforts are used.