Thursday, December 11, 2008


You know, somehow or rather, I have this funny feeling that whenever I post up a blog, no one's gonna read or comment on it anyway, since they prefer seeing MSN spaces. Haha! Some come as well, but they don't put in comments (which to be honest, I really hope they will). For quite a while, I've been thinking: why do I keep writing anyway? Should I just start to stop writing blogs? Don't worry, I won't be thinking like that, since I'm determined to keep writing whether anyone sees this or not. But sometimes I'm quite jealous about those people who have millions of blog views, compared to mine. I really wonder how they got their blogs to such limits. Come to think about it, I sound quite hyprocritic now. I really want many people to view my space, give comments and stuff. On the other hand, I also don't want too many people to view, or else I'll be extremely busy to keep updating non-stop, whether I want to or not.

Some people say that you have to view others' spaces and give comments for people to do the same to you. Haha. The 'boomerang' effect, eh? Well, I should give it a start. By the way, I wonder how many people will reply this time. Excluding my reply to their comments, I predict maximum 3. XD

Will update whatsoever, soon enough~


Roxanne said...

I think u should change wat has in ur mind about blogging.
blog is a place whr u can express urself and write watever u like la, not for others ma, no need to expect suddenly many ppl wil come and visit ur blog. if others think ur blog is nice, then they wil visit again lo.Besides,no comment oso does not mean ur blog is no ppl visit, it is a bonus oni, so juz dun take the number of visit too serious.This is wat i learn for being a blogger for a year.

Kimberly said...

Hey you!It's me!!!:D :D

J.Y. said...

Perhaps I mind about the number of comments too much already. '0 comments' doesn't mean that no one views my blog.

Good point, rox. Will keep that in mind. =)

I still nd 2 find a day out with you and ian leh, kimby. =D

Tracy@莲 said...

Come on dear, comments from others doesn't really matter after all.

Blog is for you to express yourself and lets other know you more, keep them updated about you. So as long as these goals reached, should be good enough dy, right? ^^

Kimberly said...

I'm waiting for you guys to invite me

deathcraze said...