Monday, December 15, 2008

Lol Trip to Keningau

It's a bright fun day, where my cousin brother calls me out to another corner of my hometown Sabah - Keningau to do some matters. But yay, I get to go travelling! I will be sharing the 3 destinations along the journey, so sit back and enjoy the ride! (Wait a minute, ok, fine, sit back and continue scrolling down. XD)

When my cousin's car is travelling along the 'kampung' road, suddenly, his father sensed something wrong with the car. Then he parked the car along the grassy area beside the road to check the car.
Then, both of them and I got down the car to do some inspection on the ill-fated car.
Indeed, the engine oil cannot be pumped to the head of the engine (as what he told me), so going up hills will be 'fatal' for the car. My cousin and uncle were discussing so busily about the car's condition and stuff. Me? I tried to help, so I went to the car front and checked the engine to see which part/component is having problems. At first sight of the engine, I admit - I don't know anything about cars.

After much consideration, we decided to drive back the car (in low or free gear) to a car-service center. Luckily the car is still functionable. But of course, the car needs to stop at some points of the journey back to let it rest for a while. I called my mum to come to us and escort us back if something goes wrong. So, we started moving.

STARTING POINT - An unknown crossroad

After a while, we stopped the car below a tree for some shade and rest.

FIRST STOP - Babagon (300 metres from the unknown crossroad)

Then, we stopped again after travelling, just to meet up with my mum.

SECOND STOP - Kibabaig (500 metres from the unknown crossroad)

Finally, we stopped at the service center and brought the car to repairs.

THIRD STOP - Donggongon (3km from the unknown crossroad)

At last, I reached home and made this blog. Well, damn, this is the shortest trip I've ever had. And we haven't even travel 5km for the entire journey! ARRGHHHH!!!!!!

I'm going back again tomorrow, so let's hope next time the trip doesn't go wrong.
Total travel distance - 4km
Total time taken - 2 hours and 15 minutes

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Tracy@莲 said...

Hahaha.. what a nice trip~~
but at least you can go travel again tomolo, XD