Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trip to Keningau

Thanks for dropping by again! But to catch up with this story, kindly see the previous blog first so you can understand and enjoy this so-called 'sequel'!

Well, sorry for not posting this earlier, the telephone line was cut off and after some patience, I'm back here, beginning to type. Anyway, damn the trip on Monday, here I am prepared to go for Keningau again and THIS TIME, we shall not fail!!!! >:D

So I left my house in my cousin's same car (it's fixed already) at 7.50am. Then we stopped by his house to do some stuffs. Then, at 9.10am sharp, my cousin, uncle and I left Putatan - their hometown.

STARTING POINT - Putatan (121km left to Keningau)

Finally, we made our way, past Kibabaig, past Babagon, passing the unknown crossroad......

Then, the car made an awesome turn at a curve a few kilometres away from the crossroad and stopped dead at the grassy area.

FIRST STOP - An unknown curve at Kampung Malapi

AGAIN!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, my cousin and my uncle up there. The time is 9.50am. My cousin called the repairsman to come over, 15 minutes from Donggongon, just to reach the curve and take us back. Thankfully, the car can still function. Yup, the same problem. But well, this one guy took so long to come, we waited for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I repeat. 1 HOUR AND 10 MINUTES!! So, we went back to Donggongon, to the car service center. By the time we reached there, it's 11.30am already.

SECOND STOP - Donggongon

But this time, it's not the last of us! My cousin decided to switch into his van, so we took some more time to get the van, and resume our journey with the van. This time, my friends, THIS TIME, we shall not fail!!! So, we continued our journey from Donggongon at 12.10pm. And as we are confident to the van, we passed the unknown (or the cursed) crossroad AND curve, onwards! I can tell you that the cool wind sweeping on your body, the refreshing feeling and the nice scenery around you just for your eyes. It really is an amazing feeling. I hope he could keep driving forever. The mist around us is so thick and cold I can even do this:

Then, after 2 hours and 11 minutes (to be approximate), we reached Keningau at 2.10pm! Finally!

THIRD STOP - KENINGAU!!! (after travelling 121 freaking kilometres)

Unfortunately, we weren't free enough to walk around the city or take pictures, don't forget we're here for business, not enjoyment. T.T Don't worry, I'll be sure to take some more pictures next time. Anyway, there's this 'Keningau Coffee Shop' that serves really good bread, and they're freshly made and tasty. If you don't believe, go to Keningau and find this shop and eat their bread. I guarantee you'll feel satisfied. =) After that, we went to Keningau State Library, deal with the pump matters, and prepared to leave at 5pm. The trip was very dark, as night falls quick in our hometown. Plus, the road is slippery due to the ongoing rain, plus the fog and mist. It really is a tough ride home. But finally we pulled it through and I safely reached home at 7.30pm. Although we didn't go to many places around Keningau, but I really enjoyed the ride. After so long, we finally went to Keningau and finished the work we're supposed to do!!! Rejoice! ^ ^

FINAL STOP - Home (after travelling another 121 km)

Total travel distance - About 250km
Total time taken - 11 hours 40 minutes

Then I received a phone call from my cousin:

"Shit! I forgotten to deliver the Delivery Order to our customer at Tambunan!"

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Roxanne said...

Luckily u guys still can reach Keningau aftr the unlucky car broke down,haha!