Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Update

So hey guys! I can see that it's been a while since I updated my blog on a frequent basis. I guess it's time for me to refresh it before it gets dusty again. Well, I'll just put up a few points on what I've been doing or undergoing these days.

- Having bad hair days. After that awful haircut, I can't get a hair style that I'm comfortable with. Yes yes, I know I don't have a hair style, but hey, this hair style I'm having right now is really depressing compared to the last ones. T.T

- My driving exam is chosen on the 4th day of CNY, right at the day at our hangout at Mr. E's house. I'm the 40th in line to take the exam, and I'm not sure when can I get back to his house. Both the JPJ exam and our Mr. E's house visit is important to me...but anyway, gambateh for the driving exam~

- Currently working on a big video project for 10 days and still counting. But thanks to Corel VideoStudio, I've made wonders in video clips I have, compared to Windows Movie Maker. Anyone who wants subtitles or effects on their memorable video clips, you can find me, or get that program. XD

- Thought about my life in plenty of ways, kinda regret for some attitudes I had back at college and right here. Will start to redeem myself once again.

- Getting my slippers bitten away by Mira everyday.

- Receiving lesser angpaus this year. Sob...

- Feeling bad because I'm too busy with the clips till I don't have time to practice the guitar.

- Waiting to get back to college to settle more things and re-meet my friends over there.

- Damn looking forwards to CNY Day 5.

- Most importantly, I'm always wishing everyone I know to stay healthy, stay cool, stay active and stay happy all the time. ^ ^


Philip said...

u so much better than me... at least u had a chance to celebrate niuyear in ur hometown...

Roxanne said...

So, how was ur driving exam?
i bet no one's angpao is lesser than me. T.T

J.Y. said...

Well, dear philip, I believe you'll be able to celebrate cny at kk the next time. =) And dear roxanne, I believe you'll be able to get more ang-paus next time. Haha!

Oh, about the exam.

(Jonathan goes and make a blog about it.)